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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Scarcity: the shortness of supply, or and insufficiency. 

The scarcity of anything drives up the cost of whatever is scarce. Rare metals such as gold, silver, platinum are costly because they are rare. The shortage of a commodity drives up the cost of that commodity. This is why the Chicago Mercantile Exchange exists, to buy and sell futures on commodites. The people that guess which commodites (corn, orange juice concentrate, pork bellies for example) will be scarce and buy us futures contracts for those commidities when they are cheap can make fortunes-buy low, sell high!

There are Rare Earth metals that are even more valuable by weight than gold or silver; things such as U-235 in the form of 'yellow cake' which can be processed into U-238, and isotope that fuels nuclear reactors; it is by far worth more valuable than gold. Why? Because it is so rare.

In the spiritual world (AKA-religion to most people) the single most rare and costly commodity is the pure, unfiltered, unprocessed TRUTH. When it comes to religion NO ONE has the truth, altough they practitioners of religion will tell you otherwise. If they told you the truth there would be no religion. They have made the truth a commodity that anyone can have, anytime, as long as you join with them

What does it cost to acquire the truth? That answer is simple; everything you own, everything you are, and everthing you ever hope to be. If you are now willing to "sell all that you have, and follow me" (Jesus to the Rich, young ruler-Matt. 10:21) then you cannot follow Jesus. You must be willing to do this in order to be in the place where you can "Keep the Commandments, and hold to the testimony of Jesus" (Rev. 12:17).