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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Do you remember old cowboy movies where people in Conestoga waggons would leave their homes in the East, get together with other like minded families, and drive accross the plains to begin a new life in the West? The movie would track their trip through hostile territory where either renegade indians, or robbers would set upon the 'Wagon Train', and try to stop these people from getting to where they were going. These people were called 'Settlers'. That is because when they got to where they were going they would settle in that location, and start a new home. Being a settler was not for the faint of heart, or spirit. It took tremendous courage for these people to win through to the prize that they were seeking. These people were brave beyond the norm, with a burning desire to change their lot, and build a life that was special.

In the spiritual world today, and especially in Christianity, there are a lot of 'settlers'. But these people do not fit the pattern that the original 'settlers' expressed by their drive to achieve something special for themselves and for their families. No indeed. Today Christians settle for a status quo that allows them to believe whatever they want, without regard for whether what they believe is actually truth. Truth does not matter to this kind of settler. By accepting whatever they are taught from the pulpit, these believers settle for a life of convenience and spiritual ease. Rather that stepping out and away from the crowd to find truth, they move in lock-step with people that believe there is safety in numbers; everyone believes that they have been saved 'by faith through grace', and that is good enough for them.

Jesus does not call us to safety and preference; He calls us to danger and conviction. Don't settle for less than Truth!