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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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This morning I was thinking about sourdough starter. Go figure! Don't ask me why, it just came into my head. Now this will not be a cooking class, but REAL sourdough started takes a LONG time to achieve, and reminded me that it is similar in texture and application to what it is like to combine knowledge with understanding to reach wisdom.

The sourdough process consists of starting with whole wheat flour (or rye flour) and PURE water (water without chlorine or other impurities). And during the long feeding process (7-14 plus days) you pull off about half the starter and 'discard' it, and then add more flour (unbleached white) and water to feed the natural yeast that was in the original whole wheat. After a few days the loose dough with begin to bubble and expand; and then you feed it, discard, feed, discard until the dough has a beautiful sour smell. Then you pull off enough to use in bread (8 oz.), and save the rest in the fridge.

Truth is like sourdough in that it takes time to bring it to a usable place, where it bubbles up out of your mind and heart, and becomes ready to use in the bread that brings everlasting life. The flour is the knowledge of the truth, and the water is understanding that comes from the Holy Spirit, the pure water of life. The feeding and discarding is adding new information that is true, and discarding that which is not truth. Just as it takes great care to make sourdough starter that will make wonderful sourdough bread, so it takes great care and determination to find and make usable the truth that comes from heaven through the words of Jesus that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples. But OH, is it worth the glorious result in flavor and nourishment when you taste this 'bread of heaven'. When this happens, nothing will ever taste the same.