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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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"What On Earth?"

This is an expression my mom used time and again when she would notice something out of place in the house, or not up to her standards of excellence in the homework, music practicing, house cleaning, bed making, personal interactions between us siblings, or any of a hundred other things that did not fit her idea of 'proper' behaviour, decorum, neatness, or grooming. For those of you that are in Gen-X and beyond the translation into common vernacular used today in texting would be (to put it bluntly) "WTF?"

However, I heard this expression used nearly every day during the mid 1960's (the mini-skirt era) when my sisters would attempt to go to high school with skirts rolled up higher above the knees than was appropriate to my mothers idea of 'lady-like' dress (not to mention school standards); which was then immediately followed by "You are going out looking like that over my dead body!"

When people in public view test the 'norms' of behavior of 'polite' society is when many people would use a derivative of "What on earth? in expression shock or distain. Yet today we are so innundated with visual and audio input that though shocking has become so normal we just don't even notice it anymore. This is true for our spiritual belief systems as well. We are so used to hearing pastors, preachers, religious teachers of all stripe, and family and friends expressing religious beliefs with regard to 'social justice', life style choices, etc., expressing lies as if they are the truth, not even know they are doing it, that 'normal' has taken on new context. 

How could 'followers of Jesus' respond when this takes place? How about using a shortened version of what Jesus said in the "Lord's Prayer: "What In Heaven?"