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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Illegal immigration is a huge topic in the world today. There are at least two sides to every issue, and this is true for this issue as well. In the USA one side says that those of us with the privilage to live in a 'free' society should not require people outside of that society to acknowledge the 'rule of law' and enter a country according to the laws for immigration for our country. The other side say that everyone entering our country must abide by those rules for lawful immigration in order to have legal standing to not only enter the country but to live here as a productive member of tha society

Many modern Christians believe the former identity, because they believe that they have the 'privilage' to enter the Kingdom of God without having to adhere to the 'immigration' laws of that Kingdom; they believe that those pesky immigration laws of the Kingdom of Heaven have been 'laid aside' in favor of an open border policy set in place at the Cross by the death and the blood of Jesus Christ. They believe that the Kingdom of Heaven has no borders, and has no laws regulating access to citizenship in that Kingdom. These sincere Christians believe with all their hearts that they can enter the Kingdom of God WITHOUT respect for the laws of that Kingdom; and in this they are DEAD wrong, and wholly mistaken.

Without LAW, and without borders that define the territory of the Kingdom of Heaven, there would be not difference between the kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of God; this is exactly what Satan wants us to believe.

Jesus came to set the record straight, that HIS Kingdom is a Kingdom of Law, and Justice based on law; and anyone seeking entry must "abide in HIS words" in order to gain entry to His Kingdom and eternal life. The TRUTH about this is your passport into this Kingdom.