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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

  • Broadcast in Religion
Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Have you ever been shooting with a pistol? It can be loads of fun when done using range safety standards that protect everyone from accidental discharge and errant targeting. You must know the safety rules AND PRACTICE THEM in order to avoid potentially deadly problems. The reason for practicing with your firearm is to be able at a moments notice to tranfer your mental image of a 'target' to a 'threat', and place your rounds accurately and effectively to counter that threat. Acronims such a FSP, or Flash Sight Picture, describe the last thing that you look at before you release a round downrange. Target Fixation is  also a problem when to stare at a threat for too long, and loose sight of what is going on around you, causing you to potentially miss the threat and hit an unintended target. A fired bullet hits something 100% of the time; you want to hit what you are aiming at, not what you are not.

The same is true when you are involved in spiritual warfare; the kind of warfare where you are confronted with lies that someone believes are truth, and you have been given the opportunity to counter those lies and reveal the truth. We often get fixated on the target (the lie) and forget that we must place the truth where our 'threat' can actually be refuted. What is that LAST thing we need to look at (or FSP) before we squeeze the 'trigger of truth'? If we are looking at anything but the WORDS OF JESUS then we will certainly miss heart of the target. Knowing and understanding the words that Jesus brought to this earth is the very last thing that must be in our eyes and minds before we open our mouths, because that is the ONLY way to aquire the target an defeat the threat. Our ammunition is the Words of God, and we must place it where it will do the most good. If not, the threat will remain.