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The Bible On Trial

  • Broadcast in Religion
Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Fake News! This is the most iconic phrase in America today. EVERYONE uses it to 'prove' what the 'other guy' is saying is a lie, or at least misleading. This phrase also informs on the sourse of the 'news', from major news sourses such as the New York Times and Washington Post, to second tier outlets such as Brietbart and The Guardian. They are all accused of diseminating 'fake news', and they all reject the idea that THEY are involved in misinformation.

So which is right and which is not? Where is the standard of truth in the world found? CAN is be found?

As far as national and world events are concerned, who knows? You 'pays your money and you takes your chances'! But when it is time to find spiritual truth involving salvation and eternal life there is only ONE source for the unadulterated and uncompromising truth, and that is THE WORDS OF JESUS THAT HE RECIEVED FROM HIS FATHER, AND WHICH HE GAVE TO HIS OWN EYEWITNESS DISCIPLES WHILE HE WAS HERE ON EARTH. No other words from any other source can with certainty be classed as the 'whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God'. Don't accept the fake news that is the basis for religions of the world as the truth. Jesus did not come to start any 'religion' as the way to salvation. Accept only the words from the source of ALL truth.