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Soon2BeCatLady and A_Dude79 will bicker about easy things that can be done to set yourself apart from the rest of the single world. If you haven't noticed, in our society of instant gratification, it's getting more difficult to find people willing to... more

If you tuned in last week, we had our real life radio friend @BenjaminKruse join us to discuss his dating success which really translates into zero success. After listening carefully to his woes, I @A_Dude79 immediately knew the remedy: he... more

Join Soon2BeCatLady and A_Dude79 as they discuss doing the one thing you were taught as a child not to: Talking to Strangers - and the art of flirting. Is there an art, is there a trick? We'll decide on the podcast! What we do know for... more

What's the biggest killer to relationships besides your girlfriend meeting A_Dude79 in person? It's trusting your partner. Join @Soon2BeCatLady and I as we discuss trusting your significant other. What's to be expected? What's not to be... more

Soon2BeCatLady and A_Dude79 will be discussing unsolicited dick pics, and one internet daters revenge. Additionally, they will also discuss if there really is such a thing as "The Spark" when it comes to dating, or is it a made up idea for the... more

Join @Soon2BeCatLady an @A_Dude79 as we talk with our sex scientist, Victoria Silverwood (@VSilverwood) of Sexy Science ( about expectations of women at work... more

Join Soon2BeCatLady and A_Dude79 as they discuss what we all dread after the first date -- the second date. Should you go on a second date? What if you didn't feel a spark? What if you legitimately didn't have a nice time? What if you just... more

Continuing from last week's episode about scoring an online date, @Soon2BeCatLady and @A_Dude79 bring Cat Lady's friend, Bernard, on air. We'll be analyzing his game through the first few online messages to the last;... more

Soon2BeCatLady and A_Dude79 explore tidbits that make you score that first inital online date or meetup. There are a few simple steps that can put you miles ahead of your competition. This episode could also likely be alternately titled... more

Listen to @Soon2BeCatLady's podcast tonight as @A_Dude79 returns from a brief hiatus. Where was he? Who cares! It's his turn to host and he's talking all about people you don't want to date. Find out about the different... more