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A weekly show where I just discuss what the Lord lays on my heart!

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"How to win friends and influence liberals". In a day where open, friendly, discourse is almost impossible, our Guest Mark Foster will give us some helpful insight on how to discuss the hot topics of the day without being offensive. Mark... more

I will be preforming the wedding of my Cousin, Dale smith and his soon to be better half,Cindy Chlarson today on a special broadcast!!!! How cool is that?????

So how should we Christians react to RIOTS ( Not protests) in Baltimore. Gay's redefining the word marriage, The Supreme court having WAY TOO MUCH power and our missing Constitution? Is it k to be angry? If so what should we do... more

Mike Courtney is a traveling evangelist and a good friend. He has some very wonderfull "Bible based" ideas as to why REVIVAL in America is the answer to our problems..not Republicans..or tea party or Libritarians..or... NO!... more

I will be discussing several things regarding the lifestile of Homosexuality. Is a person born that way? Is it the worst sin? Does God hate them? How do we show them the love of Jesus? Maybe we can figure out together how to... more

We would like to give you an update as to how things are going here in Costa RIca ...What are we doing? ..Where are we going?...What's next? We will talk about teams and the children's home and TBA and our new FUNDACION!... more

We will be talking with my long time friend and Southern Baptist pastor, John Ketring----- "I can't bellieve this is happening in America" is going to be our discussion topic and I am SURE that Hillaryis going to come into the... more

A very special "Jewish perspective" update of our days events from our guest Olivier Melnick. You can find out all about his work at http://www.oliviermelnick.com . We will be getting some great information on his... more

I want to create a Right Response Radio background. Why do we have this show and what do we believe? It will be a good link to send folks to who wonder how does a Right wing Cristian Conservative realy think. There is a lot of bad... more

We are having a DO-OVER! Our show was only 15 minutes today.. so we are going to do it again! We will be speaking about evangelism, Missions, giving, and Kingdom building.