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A weekly show where I just discuss what the Lord lays on my heart!

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Acting in such great movies as ,, "Goonies part two, Datas revenge" and "Star Trek - THE FARM" this Kung fu Artist and well known NASA pilot joins us to talk about things like "LIberal Tears"..... "Democrats and the goat people... more

Tonight my grandson Kevin will join me. We will be broadcasting on FACEBOOK live as well..trying out some new OBS stuff and maybe A twitch broad cast... I will also be talking about things that aggravate me ...who knows where it will go?... more

What is a biblical response? You will know the truth and the truth will set you free! We must have discussion based on truth. Facts. This idea that feelings must lead us? trust your heart? DUNG!! as Paul would have called it. The difference... more

We need to defeat the IRON TRIANGLE of Media,Politics, and Entertainment and become the AMERICAN "melting pot" again! Down with racial tensions that the iron triangle feeds us! Malcom x and Dr Martin Luther king ..a girl I will call... more

Join us for this recorded Interview with some really great singers and servants of God!! The group "WE R CALLED" is with us this week at Dry Creek Baptist Camp and I had a chance to sit down and talk with them about thier ministry and... more

Im going to openly and honestly discuss the two times in my life that I lived on the governments dime and how I think it affected me and my entire family. Then we will be discussing the fact that mostly what is being called Racism is... more

Who knows what will come up. You never know wiotha 6 year old girl and a 15 year old boy. Should be fun... I also will be commenting a little on the new SCOTUS pic ( maybe) -- Maybe some new questions about how the milinial... more

Dr Jerry Spencer, our wonderful evangelist, mentor,and friend, Preaches that pretty soon everyone will not be in a worldly party anymore! THere is a judgement and an end on its way..PROBABLY pretty quick! Join us today ( AND EVERY... more

Why would God "call" someone to live in pain? How do we deal with it? Where do we find purpose? Join Miss Jodi Sacman and I to fiind out how God has blessed her life and what prompted her to write this book? Join us tonight at 7:00pm... more

I will be rambling about who knows what--BUT--- I'm mostly testing to see if Blog talk works when OBS is not involved. Then I can try to trace theproblem in the communication between Blogtalk and OBS,,,FUN FUN FUN