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A weekly show where I just discuss what the Lord lays on my heart!

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The Dar Dars better known as "BROKEN VESSELS" led worship with us at Dry Creek Baptist camp in Louisiana. We sat down with them to find out what it is like to be a traveling family. Great group of people. Great family. Great music join... more

They invited Nonny and I to come from Costa Rica as ?camp Missionaries? and we are HOOKED! This camp is AWESOME! It has changed the life of thousands of people. So I interviewed some of them. Pre-teens and counselors, folks... more

We will be interviewing some more folks from camp tomorrow at 3:00 PM ...I think ...If blog talk fixes my problems!!! GRRRR... So lets see what happens....hmmmm

What is dry creek camp? What is going on here? Lets have a conversation with some staff and Counselors and see what they think GOD will be doing this week in Louisiana. As a boy I grew up in Camp and now I GET TO BE THE CAMP... more

What doe pastors eat? What do they watch on tv? What books are in thier bathroom? Do thier feetstink? Do they readthe bible all day?...Do thier children have halos? Get answersto all these questions and more on a special broadcast... more

The democrats and progressive left wing praises the lawless decleration of the FBI today. What a PUNCH in the stomach! The glee they must feel. I remember watching the Twin Towers fall and the PUNCH I felt in my stomach.. Then they... more

RIGHT RESPONSE RADIO Special edition!!!!! 6:00 pm Central tonight HAPPY 4TH!!!! I am disappointed in our government. But we have come back before and we can do it again. When we turn to God as Christians --HE HEARS OUR... more

My buddy Brynn Grieve is a "Man of Faith" and Just a fun guy to have on the show! He was also like a 12 star general in the navy forlike 62 years. We are going to be talking tomorrow about following God. Hearing from God. Living the... more

I am coming back to the states next Friday. For the first time in my life I will be worried about flying into the United States...AND I AM NOT PLEASED! I NEVER thought I would experience a day where i was scared to be in the USA!... more

I will be answering questions tonight ..TRUTH,JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY! It will be a suprise..even to me.. who knows what I will say?!?!?!? MUWAHAHAHAAH! I have about 5 questions that have come in to e-mail and I... more