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Something Brewin

Something Brewin'


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Mid-week pick me up. A lively discussion with Tracie Mahan and Cherry Divine on today's spiritual topics.

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Not saying goodbye....only ...see you later gator! It's been an adventure. www.TracieMahan.com www.CherryDivine.com

Cherry and Tracie Will be talking about staying in the flow of the Universe, for your highest outcome, when change is upon you. http://www.TracieMahan.com http://www.CherryDivine.com

Cherry Divine and Tracie Mahan will be talking about being kind in a world that is full of hurting people. Make the difference in someone elses life. Change someone's mood for the better. Be the kindness you seek in others. Help... more

As we grow we are told not to use our imagination. To get serious and quit playing. It's time to be an adult and not act like a kid. Yet, our inner child is our manifestor. The gaurdian of our emotions of laughter and play. As we tap back... more

Cherry Divine and Tracie Mahan will be talking about the many benefits of helping others and being kind. How we all rise up when we see ourselves as one unit, and work together to be better people. http://www.TracieMahan.com... more

Life is not to be lived alone. We all have our tribe, those people we share our lives with. The connection of you to your tribe brings love, support and success not just to you but, to those you share your life with.

Our days and lives become what we practice. When we practice love, joy, happiness, gratitude and all the many positive attributes of life, our lives become a reflection of those attributes. The more we practice these things, not only do... more

Cherry Divine and Tracie Mahan will be talking about being still and listening to spirit. When we can be still and listen, we will more easily step into the flow and the dance that the Universe is playing for us. http://www.traciemahan.com... more

Tracie Mahan, Julia Cannon and Diane Morrison will be talking about Love on Something Brewin. Live Readings in the second half. http://www.juliacannon.com/ http://www.healingworks-salon.com/default.html Diane Morrison... more

Each day we put on a multitude of masks and hats to accomplish our day to day life. The hats and masks come with identifications such as mother, father, child, boss, teacher and so on. We are so adept at portraying the roles we are told to... more