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solutionswith Dr Deb

solutionswith Dr Deb


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allowing people to vent/question/state an issue or concern and finding solutions to everyday situations in life.

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Do you think things are totally out of hand in our society today? What is the answer?...well, we can start by being honest with ourselves and seek the truth. What can we do as a citizen and individuals to bring on change in... more

Hello Everyone, Have you ever had a relationship that felt like you were experiencing real love and it turnout that it was a world of deception?...Or you found yourself becoming addicted to that special someone and later on found out... more

Hello everyone, Join Solutions with Dr. Deb at 3:30pm today. Our topic will be "The Down Low Lifestyle". ..Have you been exposed to or heard of the this particular lifestyle... the question is are they heterosexual males or hidden... more

When was the last time you told her you love her?...when was the last time you cook a special meal for him?...appreciation is very important to a healthy relationship. Take the time to listen to your mate and understand the little things... more

Have you ever been in a relationship that seem as though you are doing all the work?...join the team...4 out of 10 people go through this in their lifetime...This segment is discussing when you are in a relationship and it becomes toxic, but... more

We often wonder why people begin relationships when it is apparent that the relationship may be doomed from the beginning...yet at the onset of the relationship everything seems bliss and inviting...then the inevitable happens 9... more

Have you ever been in a relationship that was doom from the beginning to end? Compromising and settling for less when you deserve much more...These are the situations in our lives when we search for love and find manipulation and... more

Have you ever had someone to but into your business or speak when there not being spoken to? or saying something about you and they don't even know you or whats going on in your life...This segment is discussing just that how to... more