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Ephesians: 6:18 To be able to fight a good fight as the Bible say's we have to except who we are fighting, believe in the fight & retain knowledge of the our enenmy.

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Revelation 2:9 Most people don't know that the word Egypt was the Anctient land Kemet and this name means Black Land. It was the land of the Nubian people or the sudan tribe who fled to the Western part of Africa to seek refuge from the... more

James 1:-9 He wo is promised riches must understand the draw backs of seeking this money without God's permission. God never promised us material riches but He did promise us spiritual riches that was going to surpass all... more

1 Timothy 3: 1-8 PASTOR ; meaning Poimen - Sheperd & ruler of the flockof men, someone who the Lord raise up to care for the total well-being of His flock (the people of the Lord). In the History of the Bible we recognize that when Paul... more

ACTS 9: 1-5 The Bible is a Wonder of History, if you ar willing take a journey with me to explore the Apostles & their mission from God Almighty. He call they for something very special according to the holy Bible but most people dont... more

ISAIAH 64 6-7 These two scriptures is so amazing that no one seems to disre to understand it's under-tones pertaining to man's righteousness in compares to Filthy Rags, "The Women Menstral Period" that consist of the thowing away of... more

ROMANS 2; 28-29 SABBATH - SABBATON in greek meaning rest, is certainly understood in the jewish communities but in the Chistian Faith they seem to have a problem with this Word. The misconception comes with what has been... more

PSALMS 66:16-20 I understand most of the desires of humanity but the things that is suggested by the Preachers in the Pulpits on Sunday mornings are nonsense & has nothing to do with God Almight. Ask & you shall recieve, Knock... more

JOHN 9: 31 PRAYER - prosechomai means to pray toward God or His Will in this case you would have to be a Desciple or Learner of his Word. There are many different ways to offer up these prayers but there are stricted guidlines in which... more

ROMANS 8: 28 We as Christians are always quoted this scripter without fail "All Things Work Together For Good" but what the Preacher dont say is what need to be Preached! First - You need to know you must be apart of the... more

Matthew 16: 24-26 Many of the Professed Christians don't want to be called a Desciple - Learner because they fear the truth of the symbolism of the Cross of Jesus Christ Our Lord. This Cross contain Suffering, Tribulation, Sacrifice & Self... more