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Ephesians: 6:18 To be able to fight a good fight as the Bible say's we have to except who we are fighting, believe in the fight & retain knowledge of the our enenmy.

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ROMANS 8: 28-30 JESUS CHRIST, the God of the christian church is the most understood God that we know because their is a lack of teachings in the church that has a twist of a show. This is not what God wants but the people... more

Philipians 3: 18-19 Christian's are Warned concerning the Dogs, kuon - immoral person, evil workers, poneros - one who works wickedness or misery, bad,worthless, grievous & malicious, the Concision, katatome - false... more

John 8: 34-35 Slave, servant - doulos,One who gives himself up wholly to another's will, Jesus Christ.Proverbs 23: 7 say's that we are what we think, how many of us has hurd this before in our lives as a reminder what we allow to go... more

2 Kings 21: 9-11 Many Christian's have the slightest idea where most of the idolism comes from & the Church False Doctrines, which has created an Apostate Church today. These so called Religious ideas has been witness in the Bible in... more

Revelation 12: 17 Revelation 12: 9 Dragon - Drakon - Greek meaning One who see's, ability to spot prey in any hiding place. Serpent - nachash - hebrew - to enchant, a enchanter, to hiss or whisper, divination. Devil - Diabolos - greek -... more

2 Timothy 2: 3 We are Commanded to endure-hupomeno meaning to wait patiently behind God's Power due to the hardness-skierokardia rebellion of those that are destitute in their hearts remebering the reason that we was chosen not... more

ISAIAH 65: 5 This is the perfect picture how a people or person's could be decieved in their own thinking pertaining to God, Religion & Doctrine. We as Christians need to really know where tradition & doctrine comes from are we will... more

1 SAMUEL 30: 6 As one who is caught up working for the enemy, David & his men lost everything in a moment of a time. The is the great example of life in which you realize at that very moment that you can't depend on no one except... more

1 John 4: 8 God is Love is not refering to a touchy feeling love which adds up to Phileo in the greek but a Love that requires the son or daughter to be obedient to the father's words. This word Agape is often used in place of Phileo which is a... more

John 15: 20 Persecute; dioko: mean to harass, trouble, molest one or to hunt down like a wild animal or to pursue in a hostile manner. This is what they did to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and they will do the same thing to us if we are... more