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Ephesians: 6:18 To be able to fight a good fight as the Bible say's we have to except who we are fighting, believe in the fight & retain knowledge of the our enenmy.

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Revelations 2: 15 Thje Doctrine of the St Nicholas was created to decieve, confuse and strangle the Christian who is not knoledgable of the Word Of God. Nicholas (Acts 6: 5) was one of the chosen elders of the church who later... more

Revelation 2:14 The Church has been seduced into listening to other spirits that speak this Doctrines Of Devils to the Masses, every since Constantine made Christianity the Religion of the people to gain power & authority.Constantine... more

GAL 3:10 The word curse is not taught by the Church very much, therefore many create misconcepts pertaining to the usage & the meaning of what is being said about a Curse. The Word Curse is used Maledictively or with Execration as in... more

GENESIS 4: 9-11 Many has made the comment,"You Can't Judge Me?", Where did we learn this & how do we know when to us it? Well according to the Word Of God we are wrong 1Cor 6:2 misleading & confused about the main words in the... more

MATTHEW 6: 19-20 Now that we know what is the meanings of Eulogeo & Makarios we can move forward and identify the corruption in the Word Of God by the Ministers who Preach the Word with alternative motives. This is a... more

Ephesians 1: 3 We have truly missed it, not willingly but with an act of faith that we had in our Pastor's & Teachers of the Bible, who by not explaining the Word of God with great importance is corrupting our minds & belief. Is many of you... more

1 Corinthians 14: 33 Corinth was a port of transport & export where foreigners came to trade there goods, which allowed different languages(glossa) to come in the Church as they worship. I'm not talking about languages straight... more

ACTS 2: 1-13 Glossa & dialectos are the two words that describe the Speaking of Tongues in the new testament and their is no evidence of directly communicating with God, this is a lie created by Satan & the Church. Let's read the... more

John 14: 15 Love (Agape or Agapeo) is not what the main stream preach it is a Divine gift given to those that are called by His Mighty Name. True christians can give this Love through divine utterance in which God has given Messengers to... more

1 John 4: 8 The Love Of God, Divinly Inspired, it's not a emotion or a feeling of lust that you only desire for yoursrlves. Our love for God Is to walk in His Commandments John 14: 21 which also appears to be divinly inspired because it... more