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We discuss Family Wealth Systems, Homeowner Law Literacy, House Hijacking Literacy, Renewable Energy Literacy, Gentrification Literacy, Housing Solutions for the homeless/reentry demographic, and Threat Management Solutions for real estate..

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Recently there has been a number of African American men who have been killed or "alledgely" killed by the local Police. Many think that there was no just cause for the killing...........many thing these men (were doing nothing) wrong. However in many of these cases these men did not observe the local "Failure To Obey" Laws that are ON THE BOOKS !. Failure to obey a police orders is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Not following the (in most cases) the SIMPLE request of the Police can end up in a very negative result. If you want a very short meeting with the local Police and be on your way quick, fast, and in a hurry AFTER you have completed your business with the police then this podcast is for you.
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Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss the (6) fundamental building blocks of a "Household Relationships". There are six.......count them (6) fundamental building blocks to create a "sustainable" household relationship. They are as... more

What do the following people have in common ? : Grandma Moses Venus and Serena Williams Charles Dickens Andrew Carnegie Col. Harlan Saunders Robert Frost Ray Kroc Louis Armstrong Alexander Graham Bell General George Patton... more

Today on "It's My House" we shall ask the questions: Are you "involved" or "married" to your (Lover) ? Are you involved or married to your (Business Partner) ? Are you involved or married to your (Life Partner) ? If you are involved... more

Today on "The PLUG" radio program we shall discuss the "Main Secrets Of Relationships". This shall be covered in two parts. During Part #1: Olivia A. Floyd along with co-hostess Tamara Thorpe will get us started on this topic.... more

Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss "Social Alchemy"; which is making a way when there (appears) to be no way. Here is a very short list of some well known Social Alchemist: A.L. Lewis The Rothchild Family Nelson Mandela Paul... more

In light of the recent news reports about Black American men and mishaps with the police, today on "It's My House" we shall conduct an "African American Male Solutions & Law Clinic". Some of the people we shall highlight are: Paul Cuffee... more

Today on "It's My House" we shall do a study of Harriet Tubman who was a Grand Masteer "Social Networker" and "Social Capitalist". Mrs. Tubman did not have access to a cell phone, any type of computer, and she had no internet... more

Today on "It's My House" we shall conduct a "Sojourner Truth Law Clinic". It is written that Sojourner Truth was illiterate in the sense of reading and writting, but she was bi-lingual. Her first language was Dutch......she later learned how to... more

This evening on "The PLUG" with your hostess "Olivia A. Floyd"........Olivia shall be discussing "Disrespectful Distinctions" She and her audience shall talk about how to stay on your p&q's when you're in a relationship. What men and women... more

Today on "IT's My House" we shall present a podcast in which we want you to THINK and figure out the message that we are bringing to you today. The way the program and message will be delivered is very crytic ......however.....for our... more