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We discuss Homeowner Law Literacy, House Hijacking Literacy, Renewable Energy Literacy, Gentrification Literacy, Housing Solutions for the homeless/reentry demographic, and Threat Management Solutions for real estate..

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When faced with a problem that involves real estate you must keep cool, calm, and collected and figure out what type of problems that you might have. You have to make "problem distinctions". Most landlords when they have a problem... more

Today we shall present another distinction of our "law study groups"; this study group is titled: "Landlord Law Clinic". During this study session we shall introduce the topics of "contracts". We shall study the definition of a "contract"... more

Legal Aid (sounds like) a good thing. People who have legal problems who can not afford to pay a lawyer have the opportunity to visit their local neighborhood Legal Aid Clinic. I guess in theory and practical use they (Legal Aid) does help... more

Today we shall give this distinctions betwen a "Squatter" and a House Hijacker". Squatters are relatively harmless, however House Hijackers are psychopathic predators who are out to extort you for money or your house or both via using... more

If you think education is expensive, then try ignorance. These are words to live by. In this episode of "It's My House" I will share with you how I spent $30,000 or more when I did not have too, but I was ignorant of the facts and mis-educated.... more

Many people believe that there is such a "legal term" as "squatters rights"............squatters rights is basically a urban myth. However many home owners, landlords, and last but not least many squatters BELIEVE in the hype... more

As we all know Thurgood Marshall was a Supreme Court Justice, however most of us do know that he was an visionary, innovator, a prolific agent of social change, educator, legal education advocate, and grass roots marketing genius... more

As you take a look at real estate owners who have been victimized by squatters or home owners who feel they have been victimed by their mortgage holders, the banks, or the government we discover one consistant element. All of the... more

Are you a home owner and have problems with break ins ? Are you a small landlord who has problems with dead beat tenants or squatters ? Do you own a multi-unit apartment building and have people attempting to organize a rent... more

To turn the tables on House Hijackers, land grabbers, or any buillies you must learn the "House Hijackers Philosphy". In urban terms, you must recognize the "Okey Dok Rule". In short you need to learn how to recognize HOW someone is... more