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We discuss Homeowner Law Literacy, House Hijacking Literacy, Renewable Energy Literacy, Gentrification Literacy, Housing Solutions for the homeless/reentry demographic, and Threat Management Solutions for real estate..

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In order to make the public more aware of ultra agressive trespassing...........aka.............."squatting" we decided to use entertainment as a strategy to educate people on the ills of squatting and the off the grid crime of... more

In this installment of "It's My House" we shall give you a basic education in WATER. After this podcast you shall know more about water than 95% of your friends, relieves, or associates. We shall share with you ways in which can... more

There has been an global pandemic of a specific type of crime that has a global affect and has existed for decades if not centuries. Two of it's flavors are "House Hijacking" and "Building Hijacking". Through the centuries it is generally known... more

If you are a homeowner or a landlord there is one type of predator that you should become aware of and that is the Career Squatter. Career Squatters earn their living by extorting money or staying in your house when they are not invited... more

On this installment of "It's My House" we shall discuss one of the primary mistakes made by both homeowners and landlords when it comes to getting rid of the house guest from hell...........and that is when we decide to bring an lawyer... more

Imagine you invite someone into your home.....your house and then by abusing the legal system this house guest becomes the house guest from hell. Before you know it you have been put on house arrest in your own home by a person who... more

Do you have a neighbor who's house has been invaded by squatters ? If you do, guess what............YOU also have a problem with squatters. Squatters much like roaches attract the wrong element to neighborhood and that can directly or... more

Some of you out there might be facing a staggering debt. This debt could be of your own making or maybe something that was created by your parent, grandparents, or someone else. What ever the case maybe you are now... more

All owners of real estate should know the basics of Law in their specific endevors; even if you have an attorney you still should know the basics of Law so that they (your lawyer) can better serve you. Today on "It's My House" we shall be... more

One of the biggest urban legends in real estate is that a house can be legally obtained by claiming "squatters rights" and believing that squatters rights IS adverse possession. (It's NOT). There is too much mis-information and... more