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We discuss, explain, and debate, the visions of a scientific socialist system. Don't let the concept scare you away. Listen, learn, and ask questions.

On-Demand Episodes

In this episode, we discuss the so-called criminal justice system under capitalism, and how it could be different under a socialist system.

Food and health have a become a serious challenge for poor and working class people in the US and around the world. In this episode we will unpact how capitalism influences production, distribution, and consumption of food, and how... more

In this episode, we'll discuss how the education system functions under a capitalist system, and ways it could be different under a socialist system.

In this episode, we will continue to discuss the role of the media under capitalism and socialism. We discuss, explain and debate the use of the media in advocating for a socialist revolution.

In this episode, we'll give our assessment of the movie, Selma, and why the movement is still pertinent to today. If you have not seen the movie, we highly urge you to do so.

In this episode, we discuss the history of capitalism and and slavery and relavance today's economic system. Though slavery in the US was legally abolished over 200 years ago, forms of economic enslavement and capitalist... more

In this episode we discussed why real socialism must be truely based democratic principals and the scientific method of managing resources.

Recently, President Obama reestablished relationship with Cuba with the freeing of the remaining Cuban Five, and prisoner exchange. We will discuss the meaning of this possible historic event?

In today's episode, we review Thomas Picketty's best selling book, Capitalism In the 21st Century, which explains the impact of the economic wealth cap in the US and other parts of the world. We'll provide our take on where Picketty correct in... more

In this episode, we revisit White supremacy, racism in the criminal justice system, and why clear precise demands are needed. We thoroughly applaud the protests in support of Ferguson around the country, especially the involvement of... more