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Socialist Visions


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We discuss, explain, and debate, the visions of a scientific socialist system. Don't let the concept scare you away. Listen, learn, and ask questions.

On-Demand Episodes

In this episode we discuss how we all could work less and be more productive under a technologically driven socialist economy and society. Today there are over 7 billion people on the planet, but yet the majority of us work just as... more

In this episode we explore the role of property under capitalism, and how it serves to empower the rich land owning class. We discuss the impact of the privatization of land resources, and what it does to the economy and people in general.... more

In this episode we will discuss what is required to build a sustainable movement for real economic and political change. We will talk about the eight stages of movement building, and what can be learned from the Civil Rights Movement,... more

In this episode, we continue to discuss why reform strategies (electorial politics and local engagement) and socialist revolution are essentail for chaning the conditions of poor communities in this country and throughout the world. We... more

When we say, we want justice, what do we mean? That's the topic of this show. It's not enough to say, "WE WANT JUSTICE". We have to develop visions of justice and equality. What type of society and world do we specifically... more

The miliary and police attacks from Palestine to Ferguson, St. Louis, are pure acts of terroism, and economic and political repression. We will discuss why these communities and colonalized regions of the world are attacked in this manner,... more

In December of 1964, Dr. King traveled to Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and afterwards he began voicing his views on capitalism and socialism. In 1966, Dr. King made a trip to a SCLC staff meeting and he said the following:... more

In this episode, we discuss how a socialist economic system could move us beyond a minimum wage economic system to a living wage economic system. We highlight the history of the minimum wage and the inherent contradictions with... more

Humanism is an outlook or system of thought that attaches prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human... more

In this episode, we propose a vision for how the politics and economics of socialism could work. While it's impossible to know exactly how socialism will develop until the conditions are met for a politcal and economic transformation,... more