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We discuss, explain, and debate, the visions of a scientific socialist system. Don't let the concept scare you away. Listen, learn, and ask questions.

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In today's episode, we review Thomas Picketty's best selling book, Capitalism In the 21st Century, which explains the impact of the economic wealth cap in the US and other parts of the world. We'll provide our take on where Picketty correct in... more

In this episode, we revisit White supremacy, racism in the criminal justice system, and why clear precise demands are needed. We thoroughly applaud the protests in support of Ferguson around the country, especially the involvement of... more

In this episode, we dicuss why it's important for people to get involved in the political process especially on the local level, and how such involvement can ultimately help bring about socialism. In part of our discussion, we will talk about... more

In last week's show, we defined what and how institutionalized racism works. In this part 2, we will discuss how socialism can help dismantle institutionalized racism.

In this episode, we discuss what racism is, and how real socialism could help dismantle the institutionalized racism.

This is your news and analysis segment, with a focus on Ferguson, ISIS, and the recent Moving Social Justice Conference.

A week after the People's Climate March in NYC, we discuss the impact of the growing environmentalism movement, how capitalism is destroying the environment, and how a real socialist transformation must be a system that... more

In this episode we discuss how we all could work less and be more productive under a technologically driven socialist economy and society. Today there are over 7 billion people on the planet, but yet the majority of us work just as... more

In this episode we explore the role of property under capitalism, and how it serves to empower the rich land owning class. We discuss the impact of the privatization of land resources, and what it does to the economy and people in general.... more

In this episode we will discuss what is required to build a sustainable movement for real economic and political change. We will talk about the eight stages of movement building, and what can be learned from the Civil Rights Movement,... more