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    Len Swanson of Veteran Wellness Alliance Revolution on Tamara Leigh’s Trend On

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    .@BluEyeViking The Veteran Wellness Alliance Revolution continues To all my Veterans and those support the Transitional needs of our. #SoldiersForLife can hear my ongoing special message of hope for all Veterans in need - Our Call To Action #StopUsingVetsAsPawns this coming Tuesday 5/1 0900 on Tamara Leighs "Trend On" BlogRadio Show - Callers Can Call into the host to poise questions 1-646-787-8274 
    I encourage all my Veteran Patriots to join forces with our #HolyWar against the DC Swamp in our quest to provide Real Veteran Healthcare Choice 
    For those who missed my hour long YouTube Veteran Christian talk show "The Kings Report" in which I discuss my journey back from death assumed our Lord's tasking to provide real pathways for True Veteran Transition To Become Part Of Their Civilian Community Again A mission I have now created a powerful  partnership with Leading Veteran Healthcare  Attorneys and other Veteran Wellness Alliance Advocates hence the substance of my special message aired in this special YouTube King's Report 4 / 27 Show
    Click the link below to view To be ebgaged challenged to join our Veteran Wellness Alliance Call To Action - Go to the 2:05 time mark to view this historical moment that truly fired the first shots to begin our righteous war against the DC Swamp and to take back our VA from Civilians who have yet to serve our special Healthcare needs
     #StopUsingVetsAsPawns #HealthNetGate #End27
    Follow Tamara Leigh, LLC - A Communications company meeting the needs of clients across platforms at tamaraleighllc.com & on twitte @tamaraleighllc 

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    Hello…I would like to welcome you all to my first show here on Blog Talk Radio.  Tonight we are going to be talking about THE IMPORTANCE OF NETWORKING which is the first in a 3 PART Series I am giving on NETWORKING.  Our 2nd Show will discuss how to find a particular group or networking organization that you can join that fits your needs for networking and in our 3rd I will discuss how to network a room. 
    75% of all business is done by networking and 70% of all jobs are gained by referrals.  Networking is vital in today’s world and its added value is well known.  Networking means building relationships and takes patience and time.  Networking is an attitude of engagement.
    Networking is as important to successful business people as water is to the human body.   Done on a consistent basis it leads to social currency and net worth.   Networking is the LIFEBLOOD of prosperous entrepreneurs.
    Networking saves time, makes you smarter and more productive, and eventually, people start coming to you.  You become the “go to person” for solutions because you have the ‘network’ of resources with the answers. 

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    Mr. Daniel G. Fox Founder of http://ebuzzers.com

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    Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network
    All Black!
    All News!
    All You!
    CBBN Business Journals
    Daniel G. Fox, Founder
    As part of our
    CBBN Business Journals Segment
    we will interview
    business owners and
    other innovators
    from around the country.
    Ebuzzers was founded in January, 2012 as a "refuge" for those who were getting discouraged with the larger Social Networks. As we surfed the web and interacted on various social networks, we began to see how dissatisfied people were getting with some of the changes in the networks. We saw how people were getting censored because of their political and religious opinions.  We saw how people were penalized for befriending people they did not know or penalized for having too many followers.
    So, the birth of Ebuzzers.com. We have taken the best of all the social networks and combined them to make an even greater Social Network.
    Website URL: http://ebuzzers.com

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    Florenza with Words to Ponder RadioShow

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    Florenza Denise Lee is a Radio Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Freelance Writer, Blogger, and Children’s eBooks Author and Publisher. Florenza writes for several online publications.  Her Children’s eBooks: Welcome Home Daddy, Love Lexi; The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog – A Children’s Book on Mindfulness; Barry Bear’s Very Best – Learning to Say No to Negative Influences; and El Mejor Esfuerzo Del Oso Barry - Aprendiendo a Decir No a Influencias Negativas (Spanish Edition of Barry Bear) are published by her company, Words to Ponder Publishing Company, LLC and are available on Amazon.com.  
    The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog - A Children's Book on Mindfulness is the first of her books to be released in print form; she will release her other books in written form throughout 2017. Her latest Children's Book projects: Oh My, Goodness, Look at this Big Mess! - A Book on Obedience Based on Matthew 21: 28 – 32,  Acornsville - Land of the Keepers of the Special Seeds - A Book Based on The Parable of the Talents - Matthew 25:14-30, O'Kapi, When Life Gives Us Wind, Micah and Malik's Super Awesome, Excellent, Adventure, are currently in illustration and will be released Winter 2018. Since January 2014, Florenza has written 38 books. She hopes to release three to six books per year. She states, "Writing them is the easy part. Marrying them with the perfect illustrations is the harder part." Florenza is currently working with four illustrators whom she calls her "book baby mommas and daddy." 
    Florenza hosts a purpose discovery workshop title Material Matters that is designed to assist the participant in identifying and applying their God-given purpose in life.  

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    Breakdown of the 1789 Letter to Sultan of Morocco from George Washington

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    The letter to the Sultan of Morocco, from President George Washington is one of the Documents of American History that clearly indicate the newly formed “United States of America” corporation, under the first Masonic President, George Washington, that was subordinate to and dwelling on the dominions of the Moroccan Empire. Anything other than that holds no standing, as to why George Washington would write a letter as such to the Sultan of Morocco. It indicates without contradiction that the Moors were in the superior position, that George Washington was the newly appointed – not elected President of the United States of America Corporation - in the North (Al Moroccan) American Continent, under the rule and Dominion of the Sultan of Morocco.

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    Black Urban America

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    Kenny Jones will interview Mr. Dewayne Haggard, writer, will explain the Mahali Movement. A new country for Blacks.

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    Redbone and Melungeon DNA Truthers!

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    Its been an awesome year to enjoy connecting with new cousins and DNA findings. With the advent of DNA applications to genealogy we will end the new year by revisiting 2016 interviews and discussing new findings through the Facebook group Redbone & Melunegeon DNA Truthers Study group.
    We will update the Goins Book, and announce planning for a Redbone gathering in Leesville, Vernon Parish La. A reunion in April or May in Leesville, Vernon Parish La. where the Glass window settlement was located and the enfamouse Rawhide Fight took place. Preparing for an intensive Perkins research group and subsequent book. Plus we will update you on all the new Backintyme Publishings from 2016,including Belles of the Creek Nation, Cherokee Paradox and Alabama Tribes by Scott Sewell as well as Margo WIlliams, From Hill Town to Strieby & the updated republish of the Redbone Chronicles.
    We invite all cousins who have made ties through DNA to join us and introduce your families, and ties to one another. We will be discussing autosomal results of the Redbones, Melungeons and other remnant Indian groups of early American history.
    We hope you can join us this New Years Eve from 4pm CST to 6pm CST Just follow the guest call in instructions to comment or speak with the host and cohosts.

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    PHO Show Season 3 Episode 18

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    PHO Show 

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    Lloyd Gwilliam Candidate Interview

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    Club Growth Director candidate Lloyd Gwilliam joins us to tell us to talk about the upcoming election and his quest to hold one of the highest District offices in District 64. We talk the who, what, where, and why of Lloyd Gwilliam, and share his vision of a bold new version of District 64 Toastmasters.

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    Dr Malachi York and the facts of his trial and conviction

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    A thorough discussion about Dr York from both sides. A representative from both sides will be on stating the facts about Dr York's case......

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    International Travel - Traveling 101: 773-897-6277

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    Tonight on Living Off The Grid Podcast we shall be discussing The International Travel Forum shall be discussing "Traveling 101". Our LIVE STREAM number is 773-897-6277. Feel free to call into our LIVE STREAM and participate in the conversation. Thank you for listening to the International Travel Show.