Creating a Sober World

Creating a Sober World


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A Christ-Centered Twelve Step Program modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous and the Oxford Group and its Keswick emphasis on the Centrality of the Cross.

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From colonial days, the American colonies and later the states engaged in various efforts to limit the use of alcohol. In the middle of the 19the century these efforts became known as the temperance movement.The end of the 1800's... more

We made a decision to turn our will and our life over to the care of God. This step is at the center of all spiritual conversion and was the way AA expresses its third step. We often ask folks who continue to struggle with a life controlling... more

Frank Buchman used to say that "sin" is a three letter word with "I" in the center. Today's show is all about "I".

The strength of Alcoholics Anonymous has not been so much in encouraging alcoholics to surrender to God, but to get them to practice a daily process of dying to self to make the surrender effective over time. The church referred to this... more

On yesterdays's program we went over the first 6 steps. We continue today with steps 7 - 10. We only use 10 steps. We encouage you to listen to an archive of Thursdays show. It will be a big help your understanding of how to walk in sober... more

Today John and I talk about the steps of change used by Creating a Sober World. These steps are inspired by the steps developed by Bill Wilson, but they really are based on the 5 days of Keswick and the 5 things that Ebby told... more

We continue the discussion we started on Friday on the traditions. The Creating a Sober World (CASW) conversation takes place in the space or context created by the traditions. CASW uses 10 traditions. Because the CASW conversation... more

Today's' Show—Guidance from God. The Oxford Group was a world-wide movement that had no designated central leadership. It relied upon guidance from God. From the book Absolutely Sober we glean these important... more

Bill Wilson seemed to describe the method of guidance in layman's terms as well as anyone has: In thinking about our day we may face indecision. We may not be able to determine which course to take. Here we ask God for inspiration, an... more

People who observe the 12 step programs do not usually grasp the importance of the 12 traditions which govern the way the programs operate.
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