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"The Stoop'


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Welcome to "The Stoop" formerly I'll Be The Judge of That. We changed the name to not only give a broader out look on things but also to invite in more diverse discussions and people. Plus "The Stoop" is symbolic to all that is going on in the world. In the old days it's where your grandma met up with her church ladies to discuss what the pastor may or may not be doing, or where your mother would get the dirt on your latest actions or where you would meet up with the crew before hitting the block. But no matter what the situation best believe it's where all conversations took place and gossip was spread on "The Stoop". Welcome to "The Stoop" y'all.

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This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be continuing our topic of (Planning Sex) but also we will be discussing the difference between a grown relationship and a young one. Now let me be clear grown does not equal OLD and young does not... more

This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be discussing Valentines day and all that comes with it. Also, we will be having a grown and open conversation about SEX and the planning of SEX. Should sex be a planned thing? Who do you think... more

This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be talking about everything but politics or Donald Trump. But what we will be talking about is the return of some of our fall shows like How to get away with Murder and Teachers to name a few. Also... more

I know it's been a minute since we have had a show but with the holidays and life happening we had too take some time off and get our ducks in a row. But now we are BACK!!! and we wanta know hoe did your old year end and how did... more

This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be setting the record straight when it comes to men and women. LaLa and I will be talking open and honestly about some facts and some fictions that men and women talk about. Like, do all big women... more

This Saturday we will be talking about any and everything under the sun that we have heard, seen or experienced in the past month or so that has made us all want to sound off on it. For example, how do you feel about Trump becoming... more

This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be discussing Reparations and who, if any should receive them? For example, should the Asian community receive reparations for the oart they played in the construction of the railroads? Should... more

This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be asking the question, Should things that have happen or exisited in the past stay in the past? Like an old relationship? Should that stay in the past if your're just trying to be cool? If a person has done... more

This Saturday on "The Stoop" not only will we be celebrating being on blogtalkradio.com for the past 3yrs we will be recapping past shows and covering any and everything under the sun. What is on your mind? What would you... more

This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be putting an end to all rumors, stereotypes, and just plain old wrong thoughts/judgements about MEN and WOMEN. We will have a grown and open discussion about any and everything you can think of... more