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Wake Up, Stand Up & Snap Out of It! Courage, commitment and a powerful drive to find the truth describe the fabulous guest of the Snap Out of It! Show! We all have struggles, those times in our lives when we believe we can't. But then something happens! Maybe it's a chance encounter, a talk we hear, a song that moves us or maybe our back is against the wall. These are the Snap Out of It! moments that turn our lives around and propel us forward into being the fullest human being we can be! These are the stories of the Snap Out of It! Show

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Have you ever wished you could be on the hit reality show the Biggest Loser? Would you like to know what really goes on at the Ranch? We have your answers and more! Tuesday listen to the real "Snap Out of It!" mother and son duo Dan... more

Allison Zopel is a professional musician who spent five years coming out of a coma with brain injuries. Blessed to return to life, her new book The Angel Inside: A Young Woman's Healing Journey Through Coma and Brain Injury... more
01:01 The threat from the Religious Right is ominous, and requires immediate attention before their ideologies gain more power and control. It is not too late. Within this book you will gain the tools to understand the... more

How real is the problem of youth suicide? Here are the numbers: EVERY YEAR there are approximately 10 youth suicides for every 100,000 youth. EVERY DAY there are approximately 11 youth suicides. EVERY 2 HOURS AND... more

Numbers are all around us. Can they tell us about our purpose, our destiny our roadmap for success? Find out on Tuesday's Show wth Nurmerology Expers Cindy L. Herb. Cindy has studied numerology for over 30 years and has shared... more

Note: Show may be postponed due to Hurricane Sandy WALTER M. BRASCH, Ph.D., is an award-winning former newspaper reporter and editor in California, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio, former multi-media writer-producer, and... more

Maybe Walter Brasch can tell us the truth. Who is Walter Brasch? A journalist, a writer who looks at society and tries to understand, then analyze and explain its many complex parts as they relate to each other to help people... more

Mantras, manifesting, pendulums and muscle testing it's all the rage. Workshops, gurus, leaders and self help books. We just can't get enough! What happens when what is meant for good becomes and addiction? How can something that... more
00:57 For many, Dr. Bernard Siegel—or Bernie, as he prefers to be called—needs no introduction. He has touched many lives all over the Planet. In 1978, he reached a national and then... more

The mantra "Whatever it takes" use to mean to keep going, never give up in order to reach your goals. Today the slogan has taken on a whole new meaning. Cheating, lying, compromising morals and ditching integrity. Recent news shows... more
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