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Project Looking Glass & the Stargate in Iraq

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Stargate in Iraq:  There was, or possibly is a stargate in Iraq.  This stargate is reported to have been acquired by Iraq by either 1) Ancient technology dating back to ancient Babylon (The Tower of Babel may have been a stargate), or 2) It may have had origins from outer-space: an alien UFO craft crashed during or subsequently to the Gulf War (1990-1991).  This became some kind of Iraq’s Rosewell, and this may have been the hidden reason for going to war with Iraq.  Saddam allegedly wanted to use the stargate for his own purposes.  The US had to stop him because with this technology, he could come to rule the world, and hence the stargate could have been Sadaam Husseins “weapon of mass destruction”.

The Looking Glass Project: Reportedly involved a back-engineered Extraterrestrial device originally designed to be a portal opening mechanism for Stargate-type travel - which had (has) the capacity to bend time/space so that events over the forward and rear event horizons could be viewed (looking forward or backward in time).  This device was being used to determine the probability of future events, and allows the user to come back to present time and initiate strategies which will increase the likelihood of the desired future event (i.e. election results).  It was also tested for communications protocols and transportation applications as recently as 2003-2004, before being dismantled for safety reasons as we enter further into the highly energetic space in and around the galactic plane.