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Trans Humanism and the Soul Catcher Chip

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Trans Humanism and the Soul Catcher Chip: The End of Death

Transhumanism is altering human in order to improve physical, mental and/or psychological abilities.  This can be achieved with genetic engineering, computer chip implants, addition of robotic body parts, or hybridization with other life forms. 

Why Transhumanism?

The rest of the world is going to do it, so if you don’t, then you will be at a disadvantage.

Live forever.

Higher I.Q.

Stronger, faster, better manual dexterity and balance.


Why NOT Transhumanism?

God killed everyone on the earth except for Noah because they were transhuman hybrids created by fallen angels.

You may not want to live forever.


The Soul Catcher Chip: is a computer chip implanted behind the human eye, which records every thought and sensation (visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile).  The Soul Catcher Chip is being developed by British scientists.  The scientists claim that within 3 decades it will be possible to re-play the entire life experience of a person who had one of these Soul Catcher Chip implants, and eventually implant the chip into a newborn baby to confer onto that baby a lifetime of experience, or even implant the chip into a robot, thereby creating a cyborg clone of that individual, with personality traits and emotions which are identical to those of the deceased.  In this regard, one could infer that the person’s “soul” had been captured and implanted as a chip into a cyborg.