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The Lucifer Telescope, Book of Enoch, and Miracle of Fatima

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The Lucifer Telescope:  Owned and operated by Vatican astronomers, the Lucifer Telescope (also know as the Large Binocular Telescope or LBT) is located on Mt. Graham in Arizona.  The Lucifer device is an Infrared detector, which was added to the LBT in order to obtain images from outer space, which are superior to those obtainable by the Hubbell Telescope.  They are looking for extraterrestrial life forms, which they claim will be the saviors of mankind.

The Miracle of Fatima: Also know as the "Miracle of the Sun", Oct. 13, 1917 between 30,000 to 100,000 people witnessed "extraordinary solar activity".  In an event lasting about ten minutes, three children reported seeing a paranormal vision including Jesus, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and St. Joseph blessing the people.  The large group of people gathered at this location in a field because three young shepherd children had predicted that at high noon the "lady" who had appeared to them several times, would perform a great miracle in a filed near Fatima called Cova de Iria.  The object referred to as "The Sun" was actually an opaque disc with multi-colored lights careening toward earth in a zigzag pattern, and frightening the people.  Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes had become dry, and the previously muddy ground had become dry as well.

The Book of Enoch:  Is an ancient Jewish religious work ascribed to Enoch, a prophet. This book describes in detail the events outlined briefly in Genesis of the Bible whereby Fallen Angels (Sons of God) took human females (Daughters of men) and procreated with them to create the giants of the day, which terrorized the earth and hence God created the flood to destroy these "Nephilim" creatures, and God bound 90% of the fallen angels in Hell until the days of tribulation, when they will be released.