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The average tenure for a CEO is 5-1/2 years—and nearly 40 percent are fired wtihin their first 18 months. Successful CEO and entrepreneur Joel Trammell has defied those statistics and now shares his insights in a brand new book called The CEO Tightrope: How to Master the Balancing Act of a Successful CEO. In this episode, Joel joins host Kelly Scanlon to share these timely and practical insights: The top three challenges CEOs face The best metrics for measuring performance How aspiring CEOs can best prepare for the role The exact responsibilities of a CEO How to get employees to align with corporate goals . . . and a host of other tips and information for balancing the CEO tightrope. Listen to more podcasts from host Kelly Scanlon in the archives.

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Homer Hickam, author of 12 books, all best-sellers, including the acclaimed memoir Rocket Boys which was made into the movie October Sky. His experiments with rockets in high school helped launch both his NASA career... more

Social media expert Kristina Jaramillo uses LinkedIn profiles as expertly as a samurai would wield a sword -- and she's sharing that knowledge with our listeners. Want to increase revenue, attract more clients and raise your profile?... more

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