Smart Marketing for Small Business

Smart Marketing for Small Business


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Answers to your pressing marketing questions for small businesses and entrepreneurs from Leslie Wolff, CEO of Smart Marketing Group.

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Smart Marketing for Small Business is the sigular focus of this show and your input is important to us. Feel free to e-msil me with your thoughts, comments & questions at
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Stimulating ideas to open your mind to more possibilities to outthink and outperform your competition

A focus on how to otthink your competition without having to outspend them.

Outthinking your competition rather then outspending them

We will touch on a number of topics such as: * How to outthink your competition * Utilizing Common Sense to strengthen you customer relationships * Understanding the Power of Words

Smart Marketing is Smart Thinking and we'll discuss how others have performed smartly in the marketing arena

How can a small business outsmart their larger competitors?

Creaing a smart thinking environment for small business marketers

Helping small businesses compete more effectively by marketing at a smarter level. Encouraging :outside-the box" thinking. Encourage originality, strong communications and an inclusive management style.

A focus on how to outthink, outsmart, outmanuever & outflank your competition without out spending them

Helping small business outthink, outflank & outmanuever their competition without outspending them