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Engaging community conversations & storytelling with a purpose, working together to get to “Awe”. Hosted by Anastasia Rosen-Jones with co-host Jack Slattery.

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In this episode Anastasia and Jack explore the other side of "leaning in" the disconnected self, its roots and its consequences in modern America. For this evening's program a particularly relevant article, ?Alienation Under Capitalism? by Erich Fromm is used as a discussion launching point. Jack, reliably, adds his astute perspectives to analyzing the implications of this piece from Erich Fromm. And, then joins with Anastasia to merge the overarching theme of the show; leaning in as antidote to the poison of polarization, with the upcoming special program, Saturday, July 26, with guest, G.M. (Mike) Corrigan, investigative journalist and author.
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In a society of people such as in America where emotion and intellect are often in marked opposition to one another, it is no wonder that finding common ground between opposing viewpoints is so difficult and challenging. Yet, after all the... more

In this episode Anastasia picks up threads from the central story of the last program, ?When Worlds Collide.? In the scenario recounted in that show, what might have become a head-on collision between Jewish and Christian... more

Anastasia and Jack return with new stories that reflect the struggles and failures that lead –or not – to the kinds of successes that derive from the application of the principles of the ?The Lean In Legacy Template.? In this... more

Letters from listeners to the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show prompt Anastasia and Jack to refine their show format and presentation. ?Leaning in,? thus, is shown to be a way of being as well as a method for,... more

Anastasia and Jack take a look at the positive changes in our society they are currently observing around them and within themselves. A focus of the program is on how the contemporary "marriage of science and mysticism" is affecting our... more

Snags can occur, almost instantaneously, in everyday life. Tensions and conflict arise. Whether they occur within ourselves, with other people or in the surrounding environment, in general, we always have the option to decide how to view and... more

(Note: The topic of building a non-violent culture was introduced in this episode but not developed until "Being The Change," April 14.) The episode intended to tie the ?Lean In Legacy Template? into the issue of "The Building of A... more

?Who would have thought that the simple act of doing a radio show could lead to the unearthing of a hidden formula for overcoming one of today's most pressing societal problems; polarization?? Nonetheless this is exactly what has occurred... more

What you say after you say ?hello? can make all the difference as to the course your life path may take, win or lose, stressed Eric Berne, M.D.. Berne, the author of What Do You Say After You Say Hello?, also, authored the runaway... more
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