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The Possible Society in Motion


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Engaging community conversations & storytelling with a purpose, working together to get to “Awe”. Hosted by Anastasia Rosen-Jones with co-host Jack Slattery.

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Anastasia and Jack discuss the pros and cons of the White Rabbit from Alice In 'Wonderland fitting Anastasia's form of the "survivor-addict." Survivor Addict is Anastasia's more formal term for the Dark Side Warrior, a societal menace. If it turns out that the White Rabbit is a "Survivor Addict"/Dark Side Warrior what can we learn from him to help turn our own selves to the "Light" and therefore our society? Hear Jack tackle this intriguing topic as he draws Anastasia out on her "Lean In Legacy" perspectives, connecting the dots of a most titillating subject. The Dark Side as a societal menace, versus the Light, is an necessity to understand and transform in this, our pre-presidential election time.
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Anastasia and Jack take up the subject of what Anastasia considers to be the almost biggest lie of our times -- (maybe the BIGGEST). ?If you ?appear? to be all goodness and light, then you are all goodness and light (or mostly... more

Jack and Anastasia explore the significance of accepting both the light and the dark aspects in ourselves for the building of a better U.S.A. Jack, a long-time reading admirer of the columnist, Rob Brezsny, introduces viewpoints and... more

Jack and Anastasia draw upon Gail Sheehy's Middletown America: One Town's Passage From Trauma To Hope, based on a two year study of how Middletown, New Jersey, a town that lost fifty residents to the tragedy coped with... more

Anastasia and Jack take up their topic, relating it to the Ferguson, Missouri crisis, following the shooting death of Michael Brown and a developing local New Horizons project. New Horizons, intent on expanding the community visibility of... more

In this episode Anastasia and Jack engage in dialogue with Larry Gipson, a recently evacuated Peace Corp volunteer assigned to the Ukraine.

...a possible society in motion rather than a troubled one, now! with Investigative journalist and author G.M. (Mike) Corrigan (and more Father Hoda-isms from Chasing Chickens: A Love Story)

In this episode Anastasia and Jack explore the other side of "leaning in" the disconnected self, its roots and its consequences in modern America. For this evening's program a particularly relevant article, ?Alienation Under Capitalism?... more

In a society of people such as in America where emotion and intellect are often in marked opposition to one another, it is no wonder that finding common ground between opposing viewpoints is so difficult and challenging. Yet, after all the... more

In this episode Anastasia picks up threads from the central story of the last program, ?When Worlds Collide.? In the scenario recounted in that show, what might have become a head-on collision between Jewish and Christian... more
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