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Small g gay identity politics, Citizen Pundit, Man of the Right, News, opinion, sarcasm and utter nonsense.

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Topics include: Sold on "Duck Dynasty" Obama challenged in Kentucky and Arkansas. The Facebook disaster. Conservative blogger in danger.

Topics in this report include: Mr. Snuffleupagus Occupy Hijinks The Blair Wicth Occupy Project Which DC superhero is gay? Facebook goes Face/Palm And more

@SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to cause nothing but trouble!

Obama claimed he was Kenyan for sixteen years and the media doesn't bat an eyelash. Who is behindthese new revelations and what do we do in an age of complete and total corruption? @SmallgGay suggests we be Breitbart. And... more

@SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to discuss the situation at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Topics include: Tea Party favorite Deb Fischer ahead in Nebraska. Another Tea Party victory? Why pracitically nonexistant media coverage- including in "conservative" media? In the past 15 years only 150,000 LGBT couples have... more

@SmallgGay and @kyleraccio talk about all the latest news.

SmallgGay returns to talk Dark Shadows and the latest in the Mitt Romney campaign with @Stevepolitik!

Tonight's topics include: According to new book, Bill Blinton thinks Barack Obama is an "amateur". Obama losing Independents and even Democrats thanks to "new" gay marriage stance. Are the Democrats desperate already? Plus calls from... more

@SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to discuss the latest! Why Obama's evolution on gay marriage is just politics. Throwing Biden under the bus? WaPos dubious hit piece on Romney. Conservatives refuse to take the wedge issue bait... more
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