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SmallgGay returns with a brand new episode of the same old show!

The Triumphant Return of The SmallgGay Report!

@SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to celebrate the Scott Walker victory tonight!

Tonight's topics include: Michael Bloomberg to ease off NYC pot arrests. Weirdo gay killer caught in Berlin. Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker embarass themselves and the Obama campaign. Then Senator Obama attended a Fourth... more

It's a slow newsday and a bored @SmallgGay remembers the worst TV shows ever made. Then @kyleraccio returns with his take on all the latest!

Tonight's topics include: Mike Bloomberg's war on Big Gulps. Mike Bloomberg celebrates Donut Day. Mitt Romney kicking butt. Sarah Palin kicking butt. @rushlimbang demands I bow to @Stevepolitik The scary gay cannibal killer. A... more

Tonight's topics inclyde: What Andrew Breitbart really thought about GOProuds, gay conservatives, gay marriage and the gay left. Media finally covering Obama Lit Agent story but only to hurt Romney. Elizabeth Warren and "White... more

Tonight's topics include: Memorial Day Weekend Paranoia Familiarity breeds contempt on Twitter. Texas Primary Results Is Donald Trump a distraction from Obama's claiming he was Kenyan for 16 years? Sex selective abortions. Can I... more

@SmallgGay is joined by @Stevepolitik to discuss the lfe, politics and campaign of Cherokee Elizabeth Warren!

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