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Small g gay identity politics, Citizen Pundit, Man of the Right, News, opinion, sarcasm and utter nonsense.

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Tonight's topics include: Jerry Sandusky guilty on 45 counts. Were others involved in the Sandusky case? Obama trips in Tampa. Gay radical trash act out at the White House. Reagan, AIDS and gays. Mary Cheney marries. Juan... more

The SmallgGay Report Tonight's topics include: Dan Savage fires off some hate speech at GOProud for endorsing Mitt Romney. The history of the "GOProud Song". We're having a heatwave! Fast and Furious hits the fan. The Nixonian... more

The SmallgGay Report Tonight's topics include: MSNBC lies and smears Romney while ABC distorts the truth. Panderthon 2012 Obama campaign manager created homophobic ad. Alec Baldwin homophobic meltdown! Bill... more

The SmallgGay Report Tonight's topics include: Rielle Hunter;s new tell-all memoir. Does Bristol Palin's gay accuser wax his forearms? Bloomberg thinks Romney will be a better President than Obama. Roseanne agrees with Peter... more

SmallgGay welcomes back Kyle Raccio and the two discuss the latest. Tonight's topics include: Sarah Palin rocks RightOnline. How Kyle Raccio got started in online activism. Obama violates constitution and grants amnesty to... more

Tonight's topics include: Obama's big day in New York! Millions stranded because of Obama. Anna Wintour's glamorous new Obama fashion collection. Sandra Fluke shills for Obama defying reason in the process. Pentagon to... more

Tonight's topics include: Michelle Malkin is NOT "just a blogger". What Juan William's elitism says about the mainstream media. How will the media cover the fact that they've been covering "Fast and Furious"? Obama is the... more

Topics include: Time to bring the Nanny State to Hollywood? Joy Behar wants to see Mitt Romney's house burn down. Little or no mention of Holder hearings on network news. Remembering the Watergat Hearings. Betty White sucks up to... more

Tonight's topics include: Joy Behar gets hired by Al Gore. Madonna flashes her nipple. How old is Madonna really? Cher starts accusing Romney of only appealing to white people and straight people. Kurt Schlichter has an e-book... more

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