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@SmallgGay and @kyleraccio talk about all the latest news.

SmallgGay returns to talk Dark Shadows and the latest in the Mitt Romney campaign with @Stevepolitik!

Tonight's topics include: According to new book, Bill Blinton thinks Barack Obama is an "amateur". Obama losing Independents and even Democrats thanks to "new" gay marriage stance. Are the Democrats desperate already? Plus calls from... more

@SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to discuss the latest! Why Obama's evolution on gay marriage is just politics. Throwing Biden under the bus? WaPos dubious hit piece on Romney. Conservatives refuse to take the wedge issue bait... more

In this extended report, @SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to discuss today's primary results and more. Topics in this report: Lugar loses. Tea Party Lives. Gay marriage loses in NC and gay people are not only angry but actually surprised.... more

Topics in this report include: Caffeine addiction. Indiana Republican Senate Primary. Dick Lugar's 1976. Massachusetts banning bake sales. France's new "normal" government. Who's more Marxist? France or Massachusetts? Will and... more

@SmallgGay is rejoined by @kyleraccio to discuss all the latest!

Topics on tonight's report include: Marvel's The Avengers! Is Agent Coulson a gay conservative? NYC film critics hate success, capitalism and America. We need commercial filled childhoods!

Topics discussed on tonight's report: #Julia. Julia is a slut. Avengers Mania. Who's more pathetic Elizabeth Warren or the Tanning Mom? Ted Turner and Michele Bachmann like Mitt Romney. Ron Reagan Jr. thinks GOP are racist.... more

Topics discussed on tonight's report: Where's Michael Savage? Obama's composite girlfriend. Newt Gingrich suspends his campaign Grennell-gate is a warning to homocons Dan Savage web site rationalizes Occupy vandalism Al... more
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