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@SmallgGay is rejoined by @kyleraccio to discuss all the latest!

Topics on tonight's report include: Marvel's The Avengers! Is Agent Coulson a gay conservative? NYC film critics hate success, capitalism and America. We need commercial filled childhoods!

Topics discussed on tonight's report: #Julia. Julia is a slut. Avengers Mania. Who's more pathetic Elizabeth Warren or the Tanning Mom? Ted Turner and Michele Bachmann like Mitt Romney. Ron Reagan Jr. thinks GOP are racist.... more

Topics discussed on tonight's report: Where's Michael Savage? Obama's composite girlfriend. Newt Gingrich suspends his campaign Grennell-gate is a warning to homocons Dan Savage web site rationalizes Occupy vandalism Al... more

Topics discussed on tonight's report: May Day Occupy in NYC. Obama in "Ahf-Gon-Eee-Stahn". Richard Grenell's snap on controversy. Romney heckled in NYC. Cheers to celebrities Jon Lovitz and Robert Downey Jr.

Topics discussed in the first episode of The SmallgGay Report: Occupy Wallstreet's May Day Antics. US on Terror Alert. White Powder Sent to NYC Banks. Why They Had to Invent a 99%. Dan Savage Talks About Tight Speedos... more

@kyleraccio must vent

@SmallgGay and @kyleraccio rip radical atheist, anti-Christian, quasi-fascist queens to shreads and defend the Christian faith and Western Civilization as we know it.

@SmallgGay welcomes back @KyleRaccio for a half hour of howlers and opinion.

@SmallgGay with all the latest!
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