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Small g gay identity politics, Citizen Pundit, Man of the Right, News, opinion, sarcasm and utter nonsense.

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Tonight: @mariacastelli and @ShelliSyd make their triumphant returns to The SmallgGay Report! Tonight we'll see if Gov. Mitt Romney was able to pass the ultimate test! Can he sway two of America's most notable Gov. Sarah Palin... more

Tonight we're joined by @HoustonGracie1 and @kyleracci to give their take on today's RNC Convention!

The SmallgGay Report Convention Preview With special surprise guest @kyleraccio Nothing to do in Tampa all day but mock Code Pink's giant vagina outfits- and the MEN who wear them. The RINO Power Grab That Almost Was.... more

Tonight's topics include: Impending Tampa Hurricane. Cher thinks Akin getting raped by a man w AIDS would be karmic. Obama himself is to blame for the birther phenom. Norway shooter gets away with mass murder. Memories of the... more

Tonight we're joined by @RightInAcademia to discuss the special challemges facing Conservative students and how to prepare for the new school year!

Tonight's topics include: Conventions and Hurricanes! Occupy being aided by Tampa's left-wing mayor? Everything's coming up Abortion and Gay Marriage for Democrats. Al Franken's history of rape jokes and homophobia. Jean Smart... more

Tonight's Topics Include: Is the Todd Akin situation a tempest in a tea pot? Sandra Fluke uses Akin to scare Obama voters. Much ado about GOP Life plank. 16 House Democrats voted for House abortion funding law supported by Akin... more

The SmallgGay Report @SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to discuss the latest! Topics tonight include: Time for Akin to go? Time for Biden to go? Why Biden and Akin are similar. Was Obama too hen pecked to kill Bin Laden?... more

Tonight's Topics Include: Dana Loesch rocks "Occupy Truth". Russian chess legend Garry Kasprova is beaten and arrested at P*ssy Riot verdict. The New York Times covered for Obama while he enabled Putin to continue his social... more

Tonight's Topics Include: Where's Joe Biden? Romney and Ryan have already won. What's in it for Hillary? P*ssy Riot scares p*ssy-phobic Putin. Toure is sorry. Free speech rules. 2016 must be seen. Is Barbie a drag queen now?
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