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Tonight's topics include: Condi VP Excitement! What exactly has Obama done for the black community? Are you a "political fanboy"? Donate to Troopathon! Stand in Breitbart's Bunker. Channing Tatum's man-slut empire grows. Sucks to be... more

Tonight's topics included: The white working class can't stand Obama new survey finds. Romney speaks at the NAACP Convention and the media spins in dozens of directions. Man plotted to destroy the Pentagon with miniature... more

Tonight's Topics Include: What is going on with Jesse Jackson Jr.? Palin comes out swinging for Romney. Sexiest New Media Homocons. Nancy Pelosi's drunken ZZ-Top dance. NAACP requires TWO ids to hear Holder saying showing ONE id... more

SmallgGay returns to the blogtalk airwaves! Topics on tonight's show include: Heatwave talk is boring. Greens ice melting stunt backfires. Andy Griffith was just "ok". Ernest Borgine's amazing movie legacy. Rev. Wright was actually right... more

@SmallgGay and @kyleraccio vent after the horrific Obamacare decision!

Tonight's topics include: Obamacare Eve and no one's talking. Colorado on fire and Obama finally notices. Tuesday's Victories. Is anyone going to the Democrat convention? Congressional Black Caucus acts even more partisan while not... more

Tonight's topics include: Lawless Arizona. Cher demads Revolution! John Kerry Hearts the Muslim Brotherhood. Dan Savage calls everyone "f^ggot" so it's no biggie. House F^ggots vs. Morally Superior Field F^ggots. We Need Gay... more

@SmallgGay returns for a very special episode! Two movies reviews! "Prometheus" and "That's My Boy" Stella Dallas and the Ruling Class. Criticism is supposed to be constructive. Gay Pride is OK But... The gay left and their... more

Tonight's topics include: Jerry Sandusky guilty on 45 counts. Were others involved in the Sandusky case? Obama trips in Tampa. Gay radical trash act out at the White House. Reagan, AIDS and gays. Mary Cheney marries. Juan... more

The SmallgGay Report Tonight's topics include: Dan Savage fires off some hate speech at GOProud for endorsing Mitt Romney. The history of the "GOProud Song". We're having a heatwave! Fast and Furious hits the fan. The Nixonian... more
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