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Tonight's topics include: Valley of the Twitter Trolls. How can a gay support Chick-fil-A? Dems go Thelma and Louise with unpopular Gay Wedding platform. Mike Bloomberg's bizarre priorities. Romney wins in Israel. Gov. Palin: Dick... more

@SmallgGay is once again joined by the always provocative @kyleraccio to talk London Olympics, Chick-fil-A, the state of the Romney campaign and a NEW Operation Bristol!

Tonight's topics include: Ab Fab Olympics. How I learned to stop worrying and love Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin on Chick-fil-A. Parents comforted that The Muppets share Roseannes political values. Well maybe not. The trouble with boycotts.... more

Tonight's Topics Include: The award winning SmallgGay. Mayor Bloomberg turns into Bane, demands the police go on strike and the government start rounding up guns. Bruce Bawer and the Heroes of Aurora. Christian Bale brings a smile... more

Tonight's topics include: The FBI is super cool. SmallgGay brings to everybody on Twitter. Andrew Breitbart belongs to the world! Conspiracy people rock. Darby and Stranahan are awesome. The Aurora case gets weirder and weirder.... more

The SmallgGay Report SmallgGay discusses The Dark Knight Rises

@SmallgGay is once again joined by @kyleraccio to discuss all the latest controversies! RINO attempt to eliminate Michele Bachmann. Tea Party purges coming? Why weren't Huma's family at her wedding to Tony Weiner? The media... more

Tonight's topics include: You didn't build that. Bane vs. Bain. Did Romney find his mojo or did he justc return from vacation? The birth certificate doesn't go away. Rubio birtherism. Is Rubio Tea Party? If Chrisie gives keynote he's not the VP.... more

Tonight's topics include: Monica! Monica! Mayor Weiner. Online sales to be taxed nationally. Will Romney invite Palin to the RNC? Romney's Tea Party issue. What Romney can learn from Palin. Batman goes Occupy? We need a conservative... more

@SmallgGay is joined by @Stevepolitik to discuss the latest!
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