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Tonight's topics include: Bristol Palin delivers her best dance yet on "Dancing With The Stars"! The new Pew Poll shows the landscape has changed at every level following Obama's disasterous debate performance! Andrew Sullivan... more

Tonight's topics include: Bitchy Obama. Unemployment miraculously goes down in time for the election. PBS doesn't need public funding. Then the Rev, Dr, Shirley Q. Liquor drops in and makes tonight's show her own!

Tonight we're joined by @Stevepolitik and @RightinAcademia to discuss tonight's first Presidential Debate! We discuss this huge victory for Mitt Romney and the huge meltdowns happening in Liberal Land!

Tonight's Topics Include: Barack Obama exposed on video tape! Bristol Palin keeps on dancing on Dancing With the Stars! Is "Cload Atlas" going to be the most pretentious movie ever? New cameras may be coming to schools to film... more

Tonight's Topics Include: Bristol Palin's Dancing With the Stars Adventure Continues! Scott Brown Snaps at Elizabeth Warren During Debate. MSNBC Claims Elizabeth Warren IS Cherokee Because She THINKS She Is. Polls... more

Tonight's topics include: Occupy Unmasked: The SmallgGay Review. Last Resort: The SmallgGay Review. National Intelligence to get Obama off the hook regarding the Libya cover-up? Obama and Hillary planning to give millions to... more

Tonight's topics include: Romney and GOP finally go after the Obama administration on Middle East disaster. George Soros gives 1.5 million to Obama super-pac. Anti-Muslim filmmaker arrested. Michael Savage wins his lawsuit... more

SmallgGay is joined by @kyleraccio to kvetch about all the latest! Topics tonight include: Andy Williams. Catching up with Honey Boo Boo instead of caring about politics. Lady Gaga is fat- will the government step in? Tina Fey thinks she's... more

Tonight's topics include: Bristol Palin impresses on "Dancing With the Stars". Madonna gives foul-mouthed endorsement of President Obama. The Obamas are fauned over by the women of "The View". Ann Coulter calls out Rachel... more

SmallgGay returns with all the latest on Bristol Palin and Dancing With the Stars All-Stars! Topics tonight include: The Emmys disgusting leftism. Students would rather than starve than eat what Michelle Obama is demanding they eat.... more
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