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Tonight's topics include: Bristol Palin impresses on "Dancing With the Stars". Madonna gives foul-mouthed endorsement of President Obama. The Obamas are fauned over by the women of "The View". Ann Coulter calls out Rachel... more

SmallgGay returns with all the latest on Bristol Palin and Dancing With the Stars All-Stars! Topics tonight include: The Emmys disgusting leftism. Students would rather than starve than eat what Michelle Obama is demanding they eat.... more

Tonight's topics include: "Occupy Unmasked" opens today! Ann Romney's plane survives emergency landing. Mitt Romney releases his taxes. Harry Reid exposed as a delusional fraud and liar. Democrats angry that Romney overpaid taxes.... more

The SmallgGay Report with guest star @kyleraccio. Tonight's topics include: SmallgGay talks TV. Occupy Unmasked opens tomorrow! The Obama cultists have been reactivated. The creepy Obama flag. The creepy Obama "For All"... more

SmallgGay welcomes back @kyleraccio to The SmallgGay Report! Tonight's topics include: Incriminating Obama audio proves turnabout is fair play. Kurt Schlichter's top drawer piece urging Ron Paul and third party supporters to vote... more

SmallgGay feels pretty strongly and he gets pretty vocal about it! Tonight's topics: The Left is all excited to learn that Mitt Romney behind closed doors is a traditional Conservative. Will the State Department release the "Blind Sheikh"?... more

Friday Absolutely Fabulous Trvia Contest/ Drinking Game Special!

Tonight's Topics Include: Hillary Clinton knew of Libya attack days before it happened. What's really going on in Libya. Who's really behind bizarre anti-Muhammad film? NOW connects Libya attacks with abortion rights. Mayor... more

4 dead, embassy burned to the grounds, riots all over the world- media concerned about Romney's "blunders". Egyptian protestors and Chicago school teachers BOTH seen with Occupy masks. Chicago School Teacher Union Head... more

Obama's bounce turns into a thud. An insane out of control 9/11 anniversary. What happened in the Middel east today. Egypt and Iran- a new axis of evil and where does the Muslim Brotherhood fit in? Obama more concerned with... more
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