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Tonight's Topics Include: Hillary Clinton knew of Libya attack days before it happened. What's really going on in Libya. Who's really behind bizarre anti-Muhammad film? NOW connects Libya attacks with abortion rights. Mayor... more

4 dead, embassy burned to the grounds, riots all over the world- media concerned about Romney's "blunders". Egyptian protestors and Chicago school teachers BOTH seen with Occupy masks. Chicago School Teacher Union Head... more

Obama's bounce turns into a thud. An insane out of control 9/11 anniversary. What happened in the Middel east today. Egypt and Iran- a new axis of evil and where does the Muslim Brotherhood fit in? Obama more concerned with... more

Tonight's Topics Include: Obama Bounce Over Before it Began. Big Chicago Commie Teachers on Strike! Queen for a Day Flashback. Mom-in-Chief Demands School Children Change Their Diets. Crazy Hijinks on the Campaign Trail With... more

SmallgGay is back to "normal". Tonight's topics include: A Nation of Flukes. Valerie Jarrett thinks she's more important than you. Charlie Crist hugs Barack Obama AGAIN. Libs still convince Eastwood is crazy but think Jennifer Granholm... more

@kyleraccio.drops by to discuss the latest!

Tonight I'm joined by the one and only @kyleraccio to stick a fork in th final night of the DNC Convention in Charleston SC! Then we're joined by @HonestConservat and special surprise guest "Bill Clinton"!

Tonight I'm joined by @Stevepolitik as we conduct an autopsy on today's outrageous DNC Convention!

Tonight I'm joined by @kyleraccio and @Stevepolitik to lovingly detail what a hot mess day one of the DNC Convention in Charlotte NC truly was.

SmallgGay is joined by Kyle Raccio to trash the Democrats this happy Labor Day weekend! Topics include! Sand Obama! Chair Obama! Obama Beer! Obama doesn't like black and white TV. The troops don't like Obama! ICE is not nice to... more
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