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The SmallgGay Report


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Small g gay identity politics, Citizen Pundit, Man of the Right, News, opinion, sarcasm and utter nonsense.

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SmallgGay on Ice! Tonight's topics include: Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska decides not to renew her FOX contract. What's next for Gov. Palin? Some possibilities. Why is FOX bringing on Dennis Kucinich- a man to the right of Al... more

SmallgGay goes NRA Tonight I'm joined by Steve Politik! Tonight's topics include: Diane Feinstein's looney gun bill. The NRA is awesome. Fall out from Hillary's Benghazi testimony but does it really matter? GOP joins the Right to... more

The SmallgGay Report: Because it Matters. Tonight's topics include: Hillary does Benghazi. Democrats gush over Haillary Clinton at Benghazi hearing. Hillary cries like she's back in New Hampshire. "What difference, at this point, does... more

Warm up to The SmallgGay Report! Topics included in this off-kilter episode: Bibi Netenyahu reelected! Yay! Debbie Wasserman Schultz reelected! Boo! Beyonce didn't really sing. Will Hillary really sing on Benghazi tomorrow? Nobody cares... more

An historic SmallgGay Report for an historic day! Tonight's topics include: SmallgGay mocks Michelle Obama a good ten minutes straight. Inauguration not as big as last time. Obama has no grasp on Algeria. Democrats start new era... more

Thank Goodness it's SmallgGay! Tonight's topics include: Michelle reinvents the "bang". Algeria is as fluid as Benghazi was. Democrat former Mayor Ray Nagen is indicted in post-Katrina scandal. The Journal News takes down gunowners... more

Tonight's topics include: Obama offers not 19 gun control executive orders but 23!!!! Total cost of Obama's executive orders $500 million. Janet Napoltinao the female member of Obama's "all white male cabinet" put in charge of much of... more

All New. All NOW. Tonight's topics include: GUNS! Obama using children as human shields at his executive order announcement tomoorow. James O'Keefe rocks Toure's world. Chuck Schumer and the gay left are crazy for... more

SmallgGay explains everything AGAIN. Tonight's topics include: Obama about to violate Constitution with gun grabbing "executive orders". Republicans threaten impeachment. Prepare for war in Mali. Colin Powell hates the Republican... more

Head into the weekend with SmallgGay. Tonight's topics include: Lead Story: Storm Gandolf threatens our @Rushlimbang More gun stupidity from Washington. When will Hillary testify? Bob Costa's network NBC sponsors country's biggest... more
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