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Small g gay identity politics, Citizen Pundit, Man of the Right, News, opinion, sarcasm and utter nonsense.

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SmallgGay kicks off another week! Tonight's topics include: Jamie Foxx, Psy and Bill Maher- a trilogy of terror. Michelle Obama's lunch program bombs. Michelle Obama: Anna Wintour's creation. Seattle Marijuana users celebrate new pot... more

TGIF with @SmallgGay! Tonight's topics include: Remember Pearl Harbor. Why don't Leftist critics like the new FDR movie? Mad Men Season 5 Blu Ray Review: Obesity, Guns and Romney. Do gays have eating disorders? Gay marriage... more

It's The SmallgGay Report with special guest host @RightinAcademia. Tonight, @RightInAcademia welcomes her special guest Florida Federation of Young Republicans Secretary Bryan Tupper. (@BryTupper).

The SmallgGay Report Returns. Tonight's topics include: Taxes going over 50% in California, Hawaii and New York City. Only 16 Congressmen are needed to unseat Boehner. Rand Paul: Obama thinks he's king. Detroit councilwoman... more

@SmallgGay is back with special guest @Stevepolitik! Tonight's topics include: Read Matthew Boyle! A Congressional Conservative purge is underway and Gov. Sarah Palin calls foul! FOX shelves Rove. Michael Savage thinks we have... more

SmallgGay is back for another fun-filled week! Tonight's Topics Include: Gov. Palin talks turkey on FOX. Obamacare is coming and it's too late to do anything about it! Who knows what terrors await in Obamacare law? Bob Costas hates... more

Step into @SmallgGay's magic world of North Korean unicorns and epic fantasy with special guest @LeopardWoman87 Tonight's Topics Include: North Korea claims to have "rediscovered" a real "unicorn lair". Is it OK if I still like "The Last... more

Tonight @SmallgGay is joined by @RightInAcademia to discuss the latest! Fast food employees in NYC walk off the job for higher wages and the right to unionize. All of the NYC mayoral candidates support the fast food employees... more

Tonight's Topics Include: Glenn Beck offends the Left with an artistic creation: "Obama in Pee Pee". Obama is meeting with Romney tomorrow. Why? Left finding reasons to disengage from Susan Rice. Michigan State Senator... more

The Beat Goes on at The SmallgGay Report! Tonight's Topics Include: Susan Rice hearing doesn't go well. Jon Huntsman supports Rice and Obama's handling of Benghazi. Could Jesse Jackson Jr. be faking a bipolar disorder to avoid... more
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