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SmallgGay returns with the show you've grown to adore. Tonight's topics include: Gun crazier! Ben Shapiro makes quick work of Piers Morgan! Gun grabbers emphasize they aren't going after hunters. Bloomberg starts restricting... more

The SmallgGay Experience Continues! Tonight's topics include: Gun frenzy! Gun madness! Obama may make gun eexcutive order. Palin family back in the news. Chuck Heath Jr. making headlines for suggesting new "American Party". Gov.... more

Yesterday's slow news day continues into a slow news week but SmallgGay is there to find a few items of interest. Tonight's topics include: More on the surreal Alex Jones/ Piers Morgan meeting of the minds. Guns! Guns! Guns!... more

SmallgGay is back with all the latest! Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan. Gay conservatives denounced by the Left for denouncing Hagel. Gay liberals who denounced Hagel last week now starting to tow the line for Obama. Obama... more

SmallgGay finishes off the first week of 2013! Tonight's topics include: America's gun grabbers go crazy! LGBT "community" is against Chuck Hagel for being anti-gay but not anti-Israel. Rush Limbaugh turns to Kim Kardashian for comic... more

Congress is back and so is SmallgGay! Tonight's topics include: Boehner wins Speaker again and weeps. The crazy Al Gore/ Al-Jazeera deal. Joe Biden's crazy Senate come-ons to man and woman alike. Illinois gun control insanity. Armed... more

SmallgGay returns for the first show of 2013! Tonight's topics include: Happy New Year! Fiscal Cliff Notes. Chris Christie demands his Sandy pork sandwich. Why Conservatives need to take the time to explain more. Obama to go after... more

Happy New Year from SmallgGay! SmallgGay looks back on 2012 warts and all both politically and on his radio show! A special extended episode!

Tonight we're joined by @RightInAcademia and @Stevepolitik! Topics include: American hero Norman Schwarzkoff dies. Congress to solve fiscal cliff in one day? Retail sales worse since 2008. Rather than solving tax issues, Dems... more

The SmallgGay Report is BACK! Tonight's topics include: Sad old Christmas trees in the garbage are the most depressing thing in the world. Ann Coulter on the lurid history of Kwanzaa! The new Sandy Hook truthers. JFK conspiracy... more
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