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The SmallgGay Report is BACK! Tonight's topics include: Sad old Christmas trees in the garbage are the most depressing thing in the world. Ann Coulter on the lurid history of Kwanzaa! The new Sandy Hook truthers. JFK conspiracy... more

Merry Christmas from SmallgGay! It's the annual Christmas show! Tonight's topics include: Mayans are losers again. Aloha Obama family! How is Hillary Clinton spending the Christmas holiday? Gun round ups coming to New York... more

Spend your last night on planet Earth with SmallgGay! Tonight's "topics" include: New Yorkers degenerate into sexual animals in Mayan calendar hysteria. Michigan schools close Friday due to Mayan predictions. Michigan Gov. Rick... more

SmallgGay has the Christmas spirit! Tonight we're joined by special guest @Stevepolitik for a long laid back chat on gun laws, the Tea Party, the future of John Kerry's seat, Robert Bork and more!

One week until Christmas! Tonight's topics include: New report lays blame for Benghazi on State Department. Was Lanza about to be committed? There aren't always answers to life's tragedies. Why do people always react to tragedies the... more

Spend the last Monday on the Mayan calendar with SmallgGay! Tonight's topics: The moronic war on guns. NRA members being targeted for harassment. Djamgo chained for now. Would a "V rating" for violence work in Hollywood? Rep. Tim... more

A special SmallgGay report. Topics include: The heartbreaking Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. The need to measure ourselves and our media intake in an age of endless hysteria. The profound failure of the mainstream media.... more

The SmallgGay Report can't be stopped! Tonight's Topics Include: Goodbye Susan Rice and hello John Kerry? IS Chris Christie too fat to be President? NJ thinks he needs Weight Watchers. North Korea- Why the war mattered.... more

SmallgGay Keeps Going. Tonight's Topics Include: Kim Jong-Un's tumbling new satellite and life in North Korea. Red Dawn should have been released a month later. Won't you please ask Sandy victims to help Rush Limbaugh with his tax... more

SmallgGay Returns. Tonight's topics include: North Korea fires their rocket. Obama thinks he's winning the fiscal cliff. Obama openly supporting Syrian rebels. Lansing Michigan becomes a Christmas Wonerland of Joy. There are more Jedis... more
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