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Tonight I'm joined by Tracy Lee to discuss President Obama's State of the Union address, Marco Rubio's GOP response and Rand Paul's response on behalf of the Tea Party. Plus the latest on the Dorner case, lots of sarcasm and more.

We're back for a brand new week! Topics tonight include: The pope retires! A new left wing "pope truther" community starts led by celebrities. Human accessories at the SOTU include a Newtown child, illegal aliens and Ted... more

Wow. Winter. Tonight's show is a Snow Day special. We'll discuss the snow storm in the NYC area and later Joe Dunn tells us what's happening from the heart of the storm in Boston! Topics tonight include: The Dorner case... more

SmallgGay is back with all the latest. Tonight we're joined by Kyle Raccio. Topics include: Why the Chris Dorner case is NOT like the Giffords shooting. Media covers up Dorner obsession with liberal television. Dorner's politics are not far... more

Think of SmallgGay as your boss or your Dad. Topics on tonight's light-hearted BigdDad Report: Chris Rock loses his mind and wants people to think of Obama as their "boss" or "Dad". Tony Bennett is still alive. Is Bruce Willis tha... more

SmallgGay welcomes special guest Ethan Sabo! Tonight's topics include: Meet Ethan Sabo! Being Bullied For Being a Gay Conservative. Obama's Drones and Kill List Problem. Are the Parties Morphing? Is the Media Morphing? Hillary... more

SmallgGay watches the Super Bowl! Tonight's topics include: Super Bowl was amazing! Beyonce and football violence offends Miss Gulch community. Go Daddt destroys any interest in heterosexuality but Calvin Klein works to aim men in a... more

SmallgGay is back along with the notorious Kyle Raccio! Topics on tonight's special 90 minute episode include: Ed Koch dies ending an era of Democrat sanity. Ed Koch died feeing betrayed by Obama. The Hagel Disaster The Gay... more

Tonight we're joined by our resident New Jersey politics expert Steve Huges to discuss the Robert Menendez investigation. Also: Paul Ryan warns Democrats are working to divide the Republican party. Jim Nabors marries his longtime... more

Skeeters Unite! Tonight's topics include: Immigration! Rush takes on Rubio and Rubio wins! Obama takes a bipartisan bill and makes it partian. Why I think something needs to be done on gay immigration issues. Skeetgate. Many seem... more
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