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Oprah Winfrey- Potato Freak. Pervert Hollywood. Ending Affirmative Action. No one likes David Gregory. Madonna is a homophobe now and MORE!

It's spring! SmallgGay celebrates Easter and Passover. Plus all the latest news!

SmallgGay returns with all the latest! Plus the return of @Stevepolitik!

SmallgGay is back to talk "Captain America: Winter Soldier" and MORE.

Saving Justin Amash, Johnny Weir's divorce, the Muppets bomb, Sasha Obama hates China and MORE!

Fred Phelps dies! Is "the gay identity" just a modern construction? Rand Paul wows Berkley! And MORE!

Rogue TV, Twerking Grannie, Paglia's Sex Ed, Cher Meltdown, Lena Dunham Comes Out of Retirement and MORE!

Banning the Word Bossy, Free to Be Just Like Me, Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz and MORE!

Oscar fall-out, military drag shows, Putin on steroids and MORE!

Piers Morgan, Alec Baldwin, AZ SB 1062, Red Velvet Pop-tarts and MORE.
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