The SmallgGay Report 01/14/2013

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Tonight's topics include:

Obama about to violate Constitution with gun grabbing "executive orders".

Republicans threaten impeachment.

Prepare for war in Mali.

Colin Powell hates the Republican grassroots and wants us to leave.

Cory Booker says Obama is being "swift-boated" for having an "all white male cabinet"- forgetting that Janet Napolitano is biologically female.

Endless tasteless Janet Napolitano jokes ensue.

Don't forget Hillary's upcoming Benghazi hearing!

RFK said LBJ killed JFK. Where's Oliver Stone on this?

Howard Stern calls Obamabot Lena Dunham a "little fat chick".

The Golden Globes accidently show us the REAL Hollywood.

Lady Gaga sports a gun bra.


Video game creates new "Star wars gay planet".

Marvel decides to take the "men" out of "X-men".

And more.