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Barry J Moltz

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Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck. He has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 15 years. This is a business radio show where we talk about all the craziness of small business. It’s that craziness that actually makes it exciting, interesting and totally unpredictable.

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Guests: Tom Hopkins, America's Top Salesperson tells us what to do when the cusotmer says no. Wall Street Journal reporter discusses what to expect from Apple under Tim Cook. Debra Learner shows how to detect depression in the... more

Scheduled Guests: NY Times Columnist Adam Bryant shows us how to build a culture. Mark Rockefeller demonstrates an alternative way to fund your company. Scott Hirsch discloses the easiest way to build an app. Daliah Saper talks about... more

Episode #267. Scheduled Guests: Bob Jordan talks about the future of outsourcing for Small Business. Hilary Topper helps us experience Google Glass. David Wimer shows how to handle a crisis. Steve Farber talks about the... more

Scheduled Guests: John Jantsch discusses the launch of Duct Tape Selling. CIndy Bates, VP of Small Business at Microsoft talks about the danger of falling behind on implementing technology for your customers. Dr. Judy Orloff shows... more

Scheduled Guests: Jim Blasingame, award winning radio talk show host talks about his new book. The Age of the Customer. Best selling author, Alexandra Levit teaches us that they don't teach corporate in college.Mike Savory... more

Schedule Guests: Joe McCormack shows how everyone to get to the point. Phil Simon explains how big data can be important for small business. Bob Epperly demonstrates how to transform your career. Shawn Shewchuk discusses how... more

Scheduled Guests: Is PowerPoint dead? Rob Biesenbach talks about the right way to make a presentation to your customers. Jon Bischke shows a new social recruiting tool. Steve Wolfe tells us the questions you absolutely can't ask during... more

Scheduled Guest: Productivity Expert Laura Stack, Brett Lauter, and Aaron Houston discusses the new legal marijuana entrepreneurial enterprises. Sponsored by Nextiva and SageOne

Schedule Guests: David Mead and Peter Docker talk about Simon Sinek's Why movement. Ebong Eka discusses why business plans are meaningless. Christopher Lester shows the power of email. Sponsored by; Sage One and... more