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Helping small business generate additional sales and profits by hearing experts and other entrepreneurs.. Guest do not pay to be on but are carefully selected for their expertise.. These experts and other small enterprise leaders are carefully chosen for what they can bring to our audience. Guests are chosen and can not purchase a slot on the show. Wednesdays at 8:00pm New York time, 5:00am Pacific.

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RaeJean Wilson, Vice President of Stewardship and Brand Alignment, and daughter of company founders Richard and Pat Turanski. "Glory Bee Honey" talks about generational change and how she handles the transition. Jim Finkelstein of Futuresense talks about the delicate balancing act any CEO must do to insure successful growth. His new book is based on years of experience being and working with successful CEOs. Michelle Joseph, Founder and CEO of PeopleFoundry., discusses some of the problems in young company which are often exaggerated tenfold in tech startups, since large investments in the concept are made prior to businesses having a chance to develop their infrastructure." Download, read the latest free issue of Small Business Digest magazine. Click Here To Download An insurance exchange offering the best possible healthcare insurance options to small businesses and individuals is now available.
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Kristin Zhivago brings her savvy approach to making better sales. Her thought provoking ideas may surprise listeners. Katherine Niefeld, Founder/President of Blink Public Relations, talks about ways small business leaders can better... more

Allnyson Tolber, the co-founder of Sugartooth Tours, a local dessert walking tour company in New York City talks about her march to creating a truly unique offering. The company has recently announced this year's Ice Cream Summer... more

Dave Baggett, CEO of Inky points out the average inbox receives 100 emails per day. Of those 100 emails, only 42% are important.An inbox holds a lot of weight in terms of how productive an office or individual is capable of being. Inky, an... more

Peter Champe founder of Comfy Care and Eclipse Sun Products talks about how he identified a product; got it created; built a successful website; entered the consumer market and learned many things he shares with the audience. A truly... more

David Lewis helps educate business owners and those in leadership roles on how to best address dress code policies and violations, as well as limit the liability that can arise during and after these sometimes tricky situations Evan Heller, PRO... more

Amy Mauer Creel, CEO of Smart Mom Jewelry has created an amazing and successful women owned business, She shares what are the key elements to her success and how others can emulate these practices. Douglas Dubitsky, VP at... more

Bernd Schoner, founder of tech startup, ThingMagic talks about the pros and cons of seeking venture capital. He is the author of The Tech Entrepreneur's Survival Guide: How to Bootstrap Your Startup, Lead Through Tough Times, and Cash in... more

Paul Enright is an entrepreneur that has a diverse background in investment banking, insurance, fund raising, gold mining, cannabis, marine salvage and exploration on multiple continents. His company, United Cannabis helps... more

Jennifer Love, co-founder and CEO of NibMor, a multi-million dollar wholesale chocolate company based in New York asks and answers: What's the number one secret to success in a business? Effective branding! And how can you perfect... more
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