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The Paleo Solution - Episode 66

  • Broadcast in Fitness



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Back with Episode 66.  I will include the show topics list and detailed questions for each future episode.

Show Topics:

  1. High Work Load
  2. Drop in Triglycerides and Increase in Total Cholesterol and HDL
  3. Endometriosis
  4. Craving Salt
  5. Hershel Walker
  6. Adrenal Fatigue
  7. Other Sources of MCFA
  8. Zero Calorie Energy Drinks
  9. Isometric Exercise
  10. Podcast Slogan
  11. Low Thyroid
  12. Low Energy Levels and Hungry at Night
  13. Leptin Resistance
  14. Look Awesome Naked

Detailed Questions:

1. Question from Diana:

Hi Robb and Andy
I am a 45 year old female personal trainer in Australia who has been Paleo now for about 4 weeks. Previously a vegetarian, I decided to try Paleo because I was run-down, gaining lots of abdominal fat and feeling bloated all the time. I chose to switch to Paleo over the Christmas holidays as I would have a three week break from my work and the associated exercise load from it.
I feel great and am loving it (although I only eat fish and chicken - not sure I could cope with beef after all these years!) Anyway, my question is this:

How do you recommend I sustain my training load from work (6 hours of classes - 3 x 1 hr Spin classes, 2 x 1 hr Bootcamp classes and 1 Body Pump class) without shooting my cortisol sky high and overtraining (which I think was the problem that brought me to Paleo originally.) In addition, to the above training, I also run 5-6 days a week (sorry!)generally in the 8-12km range though previously while training for marathons, much more.
My goal is to maintain Paleo and maintain my teaching/exercise load.
Sleep is good, consistently 7-8 hours a night in pitch black room. Height 5'6'' Wt 140 and dropping
Thanks for your help.

2. Question from Stephan:

Hi Robb and Andy. I've noticed this issue come up several times on y