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Small Biz Big Shots

Small Biz Big Shots


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Steve Smith of GrowthSource Coaching and Ken Rubin of High Road Data take on big challenges in business ownership and serve up solutions you can work with.

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When it's time to leave your business, how are you planning to do it? Will you step aside and let someone else run the show? Will you sell your business, take the cash and run? Will you just close it down? Most business owners don't... more

Leadership in business is at a premium these days. Everything you do, you will do better using good leadership practices. This week's show on leadership is a rerun of one of our most popular shows. You can never get enough great... more

There are many variables that determine a business owner's success or failure but only one that insures a business stays profitable, manageable and growing. It's process! Steve Smith & Ken Rubin take this seemingly dry topic on and... more

When you need it right now, do you know where to find it? There's an endless list of demands placed on business owners and knowing where to go to find solutions is the difference between a seasoned operator and a business in chaos!... more

All business share an underlining commonality; the need to sell their products or services. The internet provides a dynamic and ever changing opportunity to reach more customers on a regular basis. First, a business must ask, is online selling... more

Business websites frequently fall short of their owners expectations becasue they attract too little traffic or the wrong traffic, It's not the website's fault. Websites don't generate traffic by themselves, they convert who shows up. Hosts Steve... more

Leadership seems to be in short supply these days. None of the traditional media channels show examples of great leadership. But that doesn't mean they don't exist. Hosts Steve Smith and Ken Rubin delve deep into what leadership is, who... more

Search engine optimization is now a critical part of online marketing success. Most businesses do not survive or prosper without it. Still, much of SEO is a mystery to the average small business owner. It's continually changes and... more

In business, time is money. In small business, productivity is essential for owners who want optimum performance without working around the clock. It doesn't take a huge investment is systems to improve your results in the areas... more

Most small business owners are relagated to the traditional methods of seeking financial support for their businesses; bank loans, private sources, venture firms, etc. Now there's Crowd Funding. Learn what this is, how it got started and... more