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Chad Avakian and Slimfit48

Chad Avakian and Slimfit48


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The fact that we spend billions of dollars on diets every year isn't surprising and the answer to weight loss isn't a secret:  
Diets do work and the money to buy them is hardly an issue, based on consumption statistics.  So what is the hang-up?
We are all searching for the same things when it comes to getting skinny; it is the exact same thing that got us fat.  Ultimately, we are searching for satisfaction or at least the feeling of satisfaction. 
We eat to get it, we work to get it, we date, fight, smoke, rock climb, etc...We do all kinds of crazy things to satiate our need to feel the beauty of satisfaction.     
The world helps us find things to keep us satisfied; it suggests people we should like, what we should wear, what we should eat, and what we should take-almost every day.  I'm not exempt.  I look up to the same people everyone else does.  I want to know what their secrets are and how they do certain things.
If I were to put your favorite celebrity here, especially people like Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Matt Lowery, whomever, and told you that they approve of the diet, I wouldn't be able to keep the product in stock.  
It would sell out overnight.  Why?  It has everything in it that they talk about; Green coffee, Raspeberry Keytone, African Mango, HCG and a lot more.  
It provides you with hunger satiation, metabolism boosters, and sugar blockers like the celebrities talk about.  It has caused millions of weight loss pounds to be shed every month. 
And if the same people took slimfit48 for only two days, the nation could lose nearly 1 billion pounds of weight in only two days. 
Think only 2 days to make such a massive change, that is the beauty of small goals.