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Slappy McWingnut

Slappy McWingnut


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After the long Memorial Day weekend, the right wing Angry God Mongers had time to coalesce their talking points into a concentrated freakout as they proclaim the death of the United States with troop after troop of mincing, limp-wristed Boy Scouts marching directly into the open, gaping maw of Hell.

We’ll hear what they have to say. Then, we shall mock them with versions of E.U.’s “Da Butt,” we borrow from “Inner Circle” to ask the “Bad Scouts” what they gonna say when their troops turn gay. And we update that classic scouting song “The Happy Wanderer” to include casual anal sex and golden showers, just like the preachers foretold.

And we wrap up the show with a question.

Why, FFS, are these ignorant ass wipes clogging up the American airwaves with their foolishness and hate screeds – why are there SO MANY different merchants of malice on the radio and television airwaves in America, and nowhere…. NO where… can you find a voice like mine to take the counterpoint? Is it because right wing hatred, incitement to violence fear and bigotry SELLS and comedic attempts to bring people to their senses doesn’t HAVE a viable commercial market? Howcum all these dozens and dozens and dozens of right wing morons have shows on the radio and television…

And there are no voices like mine out there to tell the other side of the story… the REALITY based side of things.

I’d support people who advertise on a station that broadcast viewpoints like mine. Wouldn’t you?