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Do Yer Damn Sodomy and Abortion Someplace Else! Not Virginia!

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Slappy McWingnut

Slappy McWingnut


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Once in a blue moon I find agreeing with something written by some Tea Party moron and hoping that he’s correct. But such is the case with this e-mail, published by the fine men and women at RightWingWatch.org. It’s an e-mail from Judson Phillips, President of Tea Party Nation, in which he proclaims the gubernatorial ticket in Virginia represents the future of the Conservative movement.

Jesus, please, Jesus Jesus Jesus, let him be proven correct oh most holy and merciful Jesus.

For their Gubernatorial candidate, Virginia Republicans have chosen Ken Cuccinelli – the current Attorney General. For their Lt. Gov., the Republicans have nominated Bishop E.W. Jackson – a man held in such high esteem among Virginia Republicans he came LAST in the Virginia Republican primary for Senator in 2012, getting less than 5 percent of the vote.

Republicans will either hold their nose and support these people who have no chance – mark that – NO CHANCE of winning in November. Or, Republicans will finally shake off this infestation like a bad case of fleas and go back to being a party of REAL WORLD conservatives, people who are against runaway spending and high taxes, but don’t want to interfere with your right to live your life the way you want to live it. This, of course, will mean that the Tea Party will attempt to launch a major new Third Party since they are getting their orders from God in Heaven Above, and how can HE possibly be wrong. And Progressives will finally be free of this major obstruction, this clot, this blockage in the intestines of the body politic that keeps our nation from digesting new ideas, gaining nutrition from the progressive ideals of the 21st Century no longer encumbered by the fecal compaction caused by people who want to take this country back into a time that never existed.