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Welcome to Your Inspiration Station with Coaches Wendi, Christa and Shermin! Empowering you to make transformative life style choices!

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"No one gets my work." Sound familiar? Do you have really hard to describe services and are struggling with marketing and sales? Sarah Michael is with us on this show to help us better articulate our passion and purpose so we... more
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"Reach more people, change more lives, and grow your wealth." That's the message Bankable Brilliance Mentor Tai Goodwin, M. Ed., delivers to coaches, consultants and speakers ready for more impact and income in their... more

Remote energy work with Kelly Fischer, our Energetic Sensitivity Expert! We'll discuss what makes energy work possible, how to use our consciousness and the energy present in our bodies. Then Kelly will do some remote energy work for... more

Get rid of pent-up energy and sort through the noise to get to the true you. Find out how to live your true aspirations when you learn how to let life flow the way you want.

Fed up with feeling alone, unappreciated and passed over? Modern Relationship Expert, Dana Corey, has over three decades of experience coaching women to professional and personal success. Listen in to find out how to get the love and... more

Mother and Pranic Healer since 1993, Ellen Morano, has helped many parents with their childrens' difficult physical and emotional issues with success. Her specialized technique can be applied even at a distance or over the phone. Help... more

Our very own co-host Wendi will teach us how to trigger our fat burning hormones, help us to regain our energy and manage our stress levels so we can live a life of joy and vitality.

Rémy Chausse is back! She is the best-selling author of ?Living Life As An Exclamation Point!? and creator of The Get UNstuck Revolution!™ for extraordinary women with big ass dreams who are ridiculously unsatisfied with... more

On this show we'll get UNstuck and really have the sky be the limit! with Remy Chausse. She'll have answers for us to questions like: What is the #1 cause of stress and getting stuck? How can we find our one true passion in life? And what... more

Share your unique brilliance with the world, shift your perception around money, co-create with it and create the change in the world you're longing for.

Let life happen or make it happen? It's time to bypass the confusion, frustration and overwhelm of starting a profitable biz online. Merry Wise from will help you overcome barriers to success and blocks... more