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Welcome to Your Inspiration Station with Coaches Wendi, Christa and Shermin! Empowering you to make transformative life style choices!

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Meddling exes, disrespectful stepchildren, argumentative partners ....? The realities of ?step? life are as varied as those involved in one. At the core is a dynamic that is often misunderstood and rife with debilitating messages handed down from others. Being in a relationship with kids-in-the-mix is not a game of chess where one pawn piece simply replaces another. It's an entirely new game requiring a different skill set. Our guest on this show is Certified Stepfamily Foundation Master Coach and licensed psychotherapist Christina Roach who has been featured in national print and broadcast media. She honors the experiences of the individuals in the relationship rather than a prescription of what they should be thinking and feeling. Although it can feel impossible to have a successful relationship when one or both of you have kids already, it's not—especially if you have the right tools and support that you will learn about on this show.
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"You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!? Heather Rieder, a professional Co-Active Coach, trained by The Coaches Training Institute – and our guest today, says: "that's because you are not limited by your age, only by your thoughts".... more

Today we are continuing our conversation about cultivating spirituality in children. There were so many questions left after our fist installment on this topic with Dr. Rosie Kuhn. Questions about gifted children. Questions about what... more

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