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What newsworthy stories happened this week that you wish to discuss? We are here to give you the microphone and put you on the stage to talk about it and give your take on them. Celebrity "Where Are They Now".

White privilege is a myth. Let's look at the facts. Because of the fashionable discrimination known as affirmative action, whites (males especially) are often untouchables in the job market. And examples are legion. Talk-show host... more

Oregon who, what, where, when, why, and how are discussed in detail as an American Patriot was murdered and those who are invoved with the standoff. Is it becoming that the fear of the Government is worsening? How can we stand up... more

Conversation: the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words - association or social intercourse; intimate acquaintance. Come join us and discuss what is important to you. Are there things that are on your mind and you need to get it... more

Mayhem - violent or damaging disorder; chaos. Discussion - the action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas Hash it out - think about carefully or discuss lightly Mull - To think about... more

Who do you think God is? What are your thoughts about God's Grace and Mercy? What does the Bible say about God? Do you believe that God forgives all sin? Are you in need of redemtion and need to turn around and walk back towards... more

Join us tonight for the hottest hip-hop songs that are burning up the airwaves and the videos that are all the buzz and conversations about this weeks headlines. Bring your drink and join us at the bar. Co-host Paige and good friends, Road,... more

David Blatt's second NBA season seemed to be going better than his first. Now, it's over. Blatt was fired Friday by the title-chasing Cavaliers, replaced by top assistant Tyronn Lue, said David Griffin, the team's general manager. Griffin told... more

Democrats Hate/Use Blacks If Democrats cared for Blacks they would try to solve the problems of Blacks. Instead of solving the problems of Blacks, Democrats offer just enough health care and welfare to keep Blacks on the... more

If you can't handle the truth or easily offended then don't tune in. Black history most don't know. Stacey Dash talked with Steve Doocy today on Fox & Friends, where she said it was ?ludicrous? that people were getting upset with the Oscar... more
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