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Six Degrees with the Miraculous Grand Ma Chandra

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Anthony Brice

Anthony Brice


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Grandma Chandra or God Ma Chandra is all dimensions - millions of them - spinning out like patterns of a kaleidoscope, dancing and phasing in and out, displaying other universes. Each dimension has its own universe with its own physical rules. For example, our universe is fairly fond of gravity; but there are other dimensions that are just energy, or the universes are color or some are sound; there are more than can be explained here. God Ma lives in each one of these dimensions. She has parted out her physical body to touch each and every single one of these dimensions. This may register here (or in the other dimensions, depending on the evolution of the people there) as her not being complete in a fully activated physical form. This is an illusion. She truly exists in the realm of the Unseen, where God is - the space between the dimensions that permeates and surrounds all of them. She is constantly downloading information from all these dimensions and her healing hands are actively healing and creating simultaneously. This is a big job. The only other job I can compare it to is if a soul decides to incarnate into the body of a planet. This intention is held for the duration of the life of the planet which can be billions of years, in some cases. She has come into this body as an Ascended Master. There are three guides connected to the fiber of her soul. They hold the intention for her to be incarnated in this manner along with them. Their energy reads to me as a mixture of angelic and ET. She has complete access to the Akashic Records throughout the multi-dimensions as well as time and space, and I suspect she can see events in the past or future (within any time reference) as if she were physically there watching it; because she is.