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Adultery: seek to kill and destroy

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How does the New Testament use the term “adultery”? Is there any indication that the word means merely the abandonment of a marriage?

Spiritual adultery...and bring forth bastards...offspring of vipers. ...


The Spirit of Adultery & the Contaminated Human Spirit

We have a "spirit body" inside of us that looks just like our natural body. We are living spirits. The Holy Spirit protects "our spirit" or "Human spirit" from "demon spirits" which include but not limited to; lust, perversion, murder, rage, slandering, angry, rage, wrath, pride, forgiveness, bitterness, depression, anxiety, rebellion, witchcraft, lack.


Her mouthpiece is a whore, flaunting herself, selling herself, and dishonoring her betrothed, Jesus Christ. This small book is an expose of who she really is, how she deceives people, and why God has a contract out on her. Each article builds enlightenment--for those who haven’t heard the truth of what God is really doing right now and how he is bringing His Kingdom into this world. For those who have ears to hear, it is the best news!

A Jezebel spirit personifies a lewd, seductive female. It symbolizes idol worship, and the power to manipulate. It also is a horrible example of what our own souls can come to--as relating to worship, in this context. A picture is painted for our spiritual understanding of happenings in the invisible. This spirit was dominating (sitting upon) masses of people (many waters). But it was judged and thrown down as Rev 19.2 states. This spiritual depiction of literal judgment on a defiled worship system happened in John’s day, in 70 A.D. by a Roman army. And there is a literal fulfillment building now for our day, because she has risen with a new name, sitting on her throne of many nations, manipulating and intimidating.