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    In 2009 The M&M SDOL joined the WI TEA Party coalition, which over they years grew to 125 organizations with about 250,000 signed up members.

        I discovered that due to the European contagion and more so ObamaCare the vast majority of these zeroes are not getting into "The Matrix"...  When they do start to trickle and then douse "The Matrix" the purchasing power of the Dollar will collapse, and with it, following a sudden hyperinflationary 72 hour-ish event, the entire economy will collapse and all mechanical things will stop moving as fuel, parts, supplies, maintenance, electricity and all energy sources stop for reason of cost suddenly increasing at least Fifty times the current prices, when the National and International markets revalue the Dollar to parity with its tiny remnant in underlying value in hard assets, currently valued at less than 2 cents, relative on the Dollar.

In the process from 2004 to date I have joined numerous State and National Patriot, Freedom and TEA Party organizations.

    In 2010 the Wisconsin TEA Party coalition commissioned me and the M&M SaDOL as the Wisconsin TEA Party Committee on State Sovereignty and Nullification.

We are working on several areas to restore the Rule of our Constitutional laws upon our usurping despotic public servants but the primary are State Sovereignty/Nullification and Common Law Grand Jury.

I am also a Trainer for Project Appleseed who trains Americans, over two day weekend courses, to be come expert marksmen at over 1/4 Mile distance and at the same time teach Americans about what it took for American to be Free when Marksmanship met History on April 19th, 1775.

Because of my mannerisms, individual gestures, personality style, and "according to the book" Seamanship style, I have procured a blog and public personality name Capt. Karl.