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Sister patriot speak out on why she support Operation American Spring

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The simple reason is that I love my Country. I am sickened by its decay, corruption of the political system, and debasing of our moral character. The Country I see around me is not the Country I grew up in. I want this great Nation back before it is too late.

The hardest thing I had to come to accept was what really happened on 9-11 and that our government was capable of the murder of thousands of innocent people to advance their agenda. As I awoke to this nightmare, I learned that it didn’t start with the Twin Towers, Waco, the JFK assignation, the 1913 Central Bank takeover; no, it had started long ago and the plan was well underway.

Then I got angry. I became an activist. I help to organize the first tea party in my area. I marched in DC for two 9-12 rallies, I wrote and called my elected representatives, I became active in local politics. I helped to change the face of government in my County and even participated in the election process as a prescient chair and election judge.

But nothing happened. It was the same corrupt political system, only now with new players in charge.

Then I became vocal. I joined FB and other social media. I started a local 9-12 group. I started to listen to alternative radio such as Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, and anyone else who was sharing the “truth.” I posted links, videos, blogs which documented the governmental tyranny and take over, exposed the plots and people trying to destroy our Country, and warned about the loss of our personal freedoms.