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Operation “American Spring” with Charles Sulser Jr

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Then comes George Bush and his compassionate conservatism or a new name for spending our children and grandchildren's futures away. A new name for expanding government even more: no child - homeland security etc. acting as though when liberals got their hands on these new program they wouldn't run even wilder. Thus even more Tyranny.


I watched the tea party rise up (during Bush not Obama) against growing government, over spending, borrowing, the agencies of government becoming more and more intrusive. I thought finally people are waking up. Then the government and the media - the republicans and the democrats started the name calling and turned the public against the tea party - why?


They don't want us upsetting their little kingdoms where we now have a tad under 600 king Georges running our lives. Listen to these leaders in both parties taking their shots at the tea party citizens, who just want a sane constitutional form of government.


I went to a recent tea party meeting and learned about Operation American Spring AKA The Beginning of Tyranny House Cleaning. An operation designed to set this country on it's Constitutional mooring.


I now will apply my organizing skills my background watching MLK and the anti war movement use similar tactics and win the day peacefully. OAS is being organized as a peaceful military type operation. Where we will go to DC and stay until the advocates of tyranny realize there time has run out.

What is bewildering is we even have to have this conversation much less an action. I am convinced that we either win or we all will be slaves in the not to distant future. Not just blacks but everyone including the dumbbells in the media who think they will have a place at the table. This is why I'm going to DC for OAS.