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Sisters of the Dream Time

Sisters of the Dreamtime


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Seven women on different spiritual paths share a lively and candid conversation about their rapidly shifting and expanding lives. Patti is the owner of Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe, a special place with special energy. Her work is to create a space for healing on all levels and dimensions. Yohanny (Description coming) Yavonne (Description coming) Anoki (Description coming) Taylor is a Rainbow Warrior. "I came here to love myself, others, animals, trees, rocks...everything as the beautiful spirits we are." Robin

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So many people who are exploring deeper spiritual experiences and consciousness expansion have experiences or adopt new beliefs that feel "too freaky" to talk about. These experiences range widely from seeing and... more

The industry is now so much a part of American culture that there are College classes devoted to it. Those who point out its destructive presence - its addictiveness, its impact on otherwise healthy relationships, its tendency to... more

New Paradigm folks will often say "Separation is an illusion", yet the programming of separation and judgement is everywhere and getting louder! How do we dismantle the programming of judgement and separation, based... more

As our world becomes more confusing and chaotic, a passion grows in humaniity to seek out the truth. The truth about our governments, churches, power structures, forces of light and dark; the truth about our very existance on Earth... more

The New Earth and Golden Age needs new leaders. Many women are feeling the call or tug to step into new roles in our communities. The Sisters, Patti, Anoki, Yohanny, Yavonne, Robin and our newest Sister, Taylor, discuss the recent... more

The Sisters, Patti, Yohanny, Anoki, Yavonne and Robin are joined by a special guest, Jana Krause, a metaphysical teacher who focuses on helping people develop their psychic gifts. The Sisters will have a livly discussion about this... more

Patti's air conditioner breaks down days after summer begins and it inspires the question: Can we take the heat for the reality we are creating? For walking our talk? For stepping away from the 'matrix' and creating our own path? For... more

The sisters (Patti, Yavonne, Yohanny and Anoki) discuss their recent experiences with time. Is it "speeding up?" "Slowing Down"? Wobbling? Is time just a construct of the systems we live in? Does time as we know it exist in other parts of our... more

The Dreamtime Sisters have all had a magical week, though the magic has flowed and looked differently for everyone. Yohanny has had some interesting "visitors", visions and messages. Yavonne has had a week of magical syncronicities and... more

As we move into Mercury Retrograde (June 7 - July 1) - a time for reflection and contemplating those aspcts of our lives which often hide in shadows - the sisters, Patti, Anoki, Yavonne and Yohanny (with call in guests) take on the topic of their... more