Sister Sharon Roach

Sister Sharon Roach


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Sister Sharon is a prophet and spiritual woman of God with a deep connection to nature and God's creation. She combines nature and prophecy truths.

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Join Sister Sharon in this startling wake-up call to the American people of a coming revolution. The truth about our anemic job growth and fragile economy. Why it's happening and where it's taking us. Rise above the politics and... more

Join Sister Sharon as she talks about the future of Russia and American relationships. Behind the political scenes tensions are building. The current tension over Syria is something that people should take note of. Let's take a... more

Join Sister Sharon for Part 2. Take a closer look at the next President of the U.S. How they will get elected. Their rise to become a tyrant. What the American people can look forward to under thier rule.

Join Sister Sharon in this very special prayer for substance abusers. Many believers look down on those who are addicted to drugs as if they are aliens. Substance abuse is a hard road to travel and especially when people treat you... more

Join Sister Sharon for this Special Broadcast! Based off an intial prophecy concerning 2016 in her book "America in Prophecy 2009-2018" Sister Sharon looks at the mysterious leader of 2016. The next U.S. Presidency. Part 1 of... more

Join Sister Sharon as she talks about the growing hate in our world today. Everyday it seems there is some type horrid killing going on. Seems like the violence is escalating. Where is all of this leading and what can believers do?

In the recent tragedies of Bangladesh's garment factories is a warning to American workers. Sister Sharon talks about the message recent events hold for American workers and why they must stand up to corporate greed.

Sister Sharon will go over her 2013 prophecy from her book "America in Prophecy 2009-2013". Join her as she goes over what we can expect this year. Some of what is happening today is very close to what was written in this book back in... more

Sister Sharon talks about the condition of our world as we move closer to the end of days. We tend to look at the end of days from our current condition of the world. However, scripture reveals that the last days will see the earth at its... more

Sister Sharon talks about her own prophecy experiences and truths working with God's time. Learn about God's time and why you should be in sync with it. Most believers knowledge about God's time is confined to what they hear in songs... more