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It's going DOWN on Sister Radio - We're Defining Humility and laying it ALL out on the tabel! We'll be talking about the good, the bad and the ugly sides of humilty. AND the truth about what it means to be humble. Come find out how... more
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When it comes to Anger - Everyone experiences this emotion in their own way. Some people simply brush it off and wait until they let out a slowly building eruption. Other people are more aggresive than most, so how do we know what... more

In this High-Powered Show we're going to be talking about "Becoming Queen" and what that even means... Being royal is not just a title, it's a state of mind - From the way you walk, talk and think about the world. And when it comes to... more

An artist by definition is someone who takes inspiration from the world around them. On our very special show "Being An Artist" we're going to talk about the pro's and con's of being an artist in a fast paced modern world, as well as some... more

In our everyday lives, things can get boring and mundane... In this exciting show we'll be talking about "Finding Magic" in YOUR everday life, and how to step off that hampster wheel into a fantastical world ANY time you want. Magic isn't... more

In this show we're talking about going "Back to Basics" and keeping it REALLY simple - from relationships, to work, to the food we eat and the way we live. We'll talk about the K.I.S.S. concept, as well as ways to get your groove back and... more

Returning from Summer hiatus we're dishing on the goods - In this very special episode we're talking about being "Crazy In Love." If you've ever been in love - then you probably know EXACTLY what we're talking about... Jealousy, Bliss,... more

Confidence is the MOST important thing anyone can wear! TONIGHT we're talking about why Confidence is Key & How to Get on YOUR A-Game! Whether it's in Business, Love or Money we'll talk about all the ways to Boost Your... more

In Tonight's show we're talking about Getting Lucky! Not just in a hook-up sense (which we'll definitely touch upon!) BUT discussing ALL the Fabulous Ways YOU can be Lucky in YOUR Life! Luck is Made & Tonight Tune-In to learn how!... more

This is a Very Special Show for Sister Radio since we're going to be discussing something important for ALL women to know - How to Love a Man. Now we've already discussed the ways to Truly Love a Woman and tonight we'll switch... more

Since we last talked about "Finding Adventure" on Sister Radio - Many WiLd & Deliciously Adventurous events have happened! So TONIGHT we're going to dish on ALL of Our Crazy Adventures, Ways to Make Summer 2013 THE BEST... more
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